Friday 18 December 2009

Burts Bees

I first heard of Burt's Bees products about five years ago - I was, as usual, suffering from terrible dry skin on my hands and Mumma B bought me some Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme in an attempt to stop my whining. It was great stuff and over the years since this first introduction I have had so many people recommend them to me that I thought it was about time I properly tried them out for myself and it turns out they have a range of sets that make perfect Christmas presents!

One of the recommendees was raving about the wonderful Radiance cream she'd been using so I've been trying out the Burt's Bees Radiant Gift Set to see whether it would be a good last minute Christmas present and I just love it. Even Mr J was to be seen using their body wash and loofah in his bath last night. It's about £15.65 and all products are made with Royal Jelly (made from nectar, pollen, flower parts, vitamins, minerals and rather bizarrely, bee hormones). The kit is designed to restore your skins natural radiance by scrubbing cleansing and moisturising - all the products in the kit are travel size as well so great to have in your washbag.

The kit contains - Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion (specially crafted to enhance your skins natural glow), Burt's Bees Radiance Lip Shimmer (now a permanent resident in my car this lip conditioner not only moisturises but gives your lips a sheer, radiant glow), Burt's Bees Radiance Day Creme (really lightweight and moisturising), Burt's Bees Radiance Night Creme (this gives you a deep overnight radiance boost) and Burt's Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash (use with the loofah to cleanse and exfoliate your skin).

I have just loved using these products - they are gentle on your skin, moisturising and contain all natural ingredients so you know that what you are using is going to be kind to your skin. I think next year everyone I know will be getting a Burt's Bees kit of some sort - they do everything from Naturally Ageless to Burt's Bees Baby Bee 'Getting Started' Kit via new mothers and Burt's Bees Men's Grooming Gift Set! Their separate products are great too for a little something for someone that maybe you don't know too well - some of the Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme is a fantastic thank you present to any woman who's house you are going to over the Christmas season. Burt's Bees - a real god send for the difficult present solution. xx

Wednesday 9 December 2009

More MeMeMe

The more MeMeMe products I use the more impressed I am. Ok so they are not Dior or other designer quality (that would be ridiculous for the price they are) but they are reasonably priced, good cosmetics that do what they are supposed to. I reviewed their lip gloss last month and since then I have tried out their eye colour, mascara and lip gloss and I am really impressed with all of them.

Great for stocking fillers or as cheap, token presents for your girlfriends I'd go for either their Colourama long lasting cream eyeshadow or the Drama T'Eyes precision tip eyeliner pen. I tried the Liquid Bronze Colourama eyeshadow - it lasts for ages without creasing (quite unusual for a liquid colour I find) and the colour is so dramatic its perfect for Christmas parties. I tried mine out during the day and it wasn't too OTT so great for day to night make up.

For those of you who love liquid eyeliner the Drama T'Eyes is fantastic for a bit of precision. Nothing can persuade me to give up my old favourite L'Oreal SuperLiner but for precision flicks and end of the day pre-party touch ups I would not be without this amazing pen in my make-up bag. I love these products for credit crunch pressies or a Christmas party treat for you xx

Thursday 19 November 2009

Mon Amie

Our family isn't flooded with teenagers but they do crop up every now and again and they are usually girls. I know I should know what to get them being a girl myself, but I don't. I just don't know what's cool when you are 14 anymore. Help is at hand though. Designed by an ex-Estee Lauder exectuive, Fiona Parkhouse, who was tired of not being able to find suitable, affordable skin care for her daughter Amie products are the perfect solution

Amie products are designed specifically for young skin (teenagers to early twenties) and I've been trying out the Perfect Beauty Christmas Gift Set on my tough old 26 yr old skin for the last couple of weeks and I'm impressed. Winter can leave your skin dull, dry and dehydrated whatever age you are but a lot of products out there can be harsh on skin and those that aren't don't really do anything. Free from harmful chemicals and parabans this luxurious natural skin care range does the job without ruining the skin.

The set comes in a reusable cosmetic bag (always handy) and contains full size - Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser, Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish, Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash and Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask sachet.

I've tried them all! I was really impressed with the Bright Eyes eye make up remover. I wear a lot of black eyeliner which most removers I've tried fail to get off completely. I was expecting this to be a bit of a failure when faced with the task of removing my eye make up but it worked! It was great and didn't leave the sensitive skin around my eyes feeling dried out and scrubbed. I would definitely use this again (I'm sure 26 counts as early twenties still).

I was intrigued by the Morning Dew matte finish moisturiser. Matte Finish? Really? Yes really. To me matte finish kind of implied drying but not only does it give great moisture the matte finish is great as a base for applying make up meaning you don't need to apply as much foundation or powder which is a win for everyone. It's awful seeing young girls with a mask of make up.

I used the Morning Clear facial wash this morning before going to see the Mumma B (the sternest of critics!) and the first thing she said to me was how great my skin was looking. Again I'm so used to products drying my skin out but this left it feeling smooth and soft and unabused. As does the New Leaf exfoliator - great for making sure your skin is completely clean and clear of any traces of make up.

I could rave about these products all day - I wish they'd be around when I was younger. Nobody seems to question what products you buy when you are a teenager - I'm assuming this is still the case - so to have something not only specifically for young skin but that actually work is wonderful. Available here for only £19.95 I would recommend this as a great Christmas present for the difficult-to-buy for young girl in your life xx

Friday 13 November 2009


For a belated birthday present I was given Jemma Kidd's Make Up Schools Metallica Colour Quartet. I have to admit that I've never tried any Jemma Kidd make-up before so not only was I touched that my friend had gone to so much trouble to find the perfect make-up for me (metallic is definitely my kind of make-up) but intrigued to try out the brand.

First off, first impressions and I love the packaging. It's fun without being too OTT. Sometimes I feel companies over emphasise the girliness off products which I don't need - I think I qualify as a woman now so everything does not need to be pink and cartoony! The actual eye creme comes in a lovely matte, rubberish feeling compact which is great!

I'm also not a huge user of cream eyeshadows so that was a pretty new experience too. The colours in this are really versatile - silver, gold, bronze and pewter - suitable for day and night and really easy to apply and build up depending on how subtle you like your eyes to be. I did find that they crease a tiny bit but in a sort of blending way so it wasn't at all noticable unless you are scrutinising your eye lids in a mirror after a night out.

This is a great present idea for the make-up fiend in your life or a treat for yourself as a treat for the pre-Christmas parties. Available online from SpaceNK it is £23.49 but a little goes a long way. For four different colours I think this is a pretty good deal!

Monday 9 November 2009

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I heard a lot about Philip Kingsley Elastisizer before I tried it out and the hype was all true. One of the few conditioning treatments that you use before you wash your hair this adds stretchibility, bounce and shine, making a noticeable difference. In the two weeks that I've been using it my hair has become more manageable, looks in much better condition and I've had comments on how healthy and shiny its looking.

You can use this either as an intensive conditioning treatment or a quick 5 minute pick-me-up. Wet your hair and then before shampooing apply the Elasticizer in sections. If you have thick hair (I'm jealous) you can add all over, for those of us with finer hair apply from the mid lengths and ends. Then either put on the shower cap that's included and go and do something else for 10-20 minutes or just leave on for 5 mins and rinse. Then wash, dry and style your hair as normal.

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Soap and Glory Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel

It's a bad time for money by all accounts - many have had to cut back on their little luxuries but there is no reason why you have to let yourself go! I've been doing at home facials for my sister before her wedding (I do the facial and get paid in sushi - fair deal I say!!) and have been testing the products out for myself beforehand. A fantastic, cheap and easy at-home face peel is Soap and Glory's The Fab Pore 15 minute Facial Peel (£5.88).

I just love Soap and Glory products - I've yet to try out something that I don't like and it's so affordable, even their spot cream works! The 15 minute facial peel is great for either a quick five min refresher or a full on at-home facial. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and not at all dry (which I can find a problem after using some scrubs and peels) and really makes your skin look replenished and healthy.

I had a red blotch on my cheek for a couple of months. It just appeared and wouldn't go away no matter what I used. I wish I'd taken before and after photos now because it's nearly completely gone in the three times I've used this peel (which seems more like a scrub crossed with a face mask to me). Great as a stocking filler or indeed just as a present for the girl who has everything - I'm planning on buying a couple and keeping them as reserves for those surprise Christmas presents that always get sprung on you and make you feel useless!! xx

Friday 30 October 2009

Affordable Lips

I can't count how many lipsticks and lip glosses I've tried that are supposed to last for a certain amount of time - usually 12 hours - which last 12 minutes. I admit that once I have applied anything to my lips I become a dedicated chewer until nothing is left except large sore patches (attractive I know). Still I always feel slightly let down, like it hasn't even tried to stay on properly.

MeMeMe's Long Stay Lips lip gloss however did have some staying power. Ok so the gloss lasts about an hour and a half tops (maybe more if you are not a lip worrier like me) but the colour is really long lasting. I tried Infinite Nude (where do they get these names from!!) and although its not a colour that screams nude to me, it was quite browny coloured and noticeable, the colour fades out really nice and then stays at the nice faded colour pretty much all day. I would definitely say that it lasts a long time - I'm not quite sure it does the full 12 hours. It's £5.99 and available at Superdrug - I'm definitely going to give this a try in some other colours. xx

Monday 26 October 2009

Primed and Ready - Laura Mercier Eye Basics and Benefit's F.Y.Eye

I'm a big fan of primers. OK I'm a big fan of all make-up for some reasons primers are something I never get bored of trying. I think it's because I thought they were just another rouse by make-up companies to get me to spend money but then I found some that actually did make a difference. It should come as no surprise then that I've been testing out another one.

I wear quite a lot of eyeliner and find that this can stain my lids. I have been using Benefit's F.Y..eye (£17) which I just love the texture of (it leaves your eyes feeling silky smooth) and it does take the lids back to their natural colour. However, it does occasionally let those evil creases appear (which I hate). I did think that this was just inevitable but have now found something which defies the crease!Laura Mercier Eye Basics

Laura Mericer's Eye Basics creates a perfect canvas for your eye make-up - enhancing the durability of it and camouflaging imperfections. Not only that but the skin friendly ingredients soothe your lids and provide healing benefits and anti-oxidant protection for this delicate skin area. It comes in different shades - I've been using Linen which I thought would be too light but is actually perfect.

The primer itself blends easily and drys smooth leaving a semi-matte finish that is crease proof and water resistant. For those of you who brave the world with a minimal amount of make-up this is great on it's own as a natural colour for your eyes.

I have really noticed the difference in the staying power of my eye make-up since I started using this. It comes highly recommended from me - definitely worth a try (and available here) xx

Tuesday 20 October 2009


I'm sorry to be writing this as I've tried to ignore all the goings on but how the hell has Jordan/Katie Price been nominated for Mother of the Year. Admittedly compared to Kerry Katona, a previous winner, she is a wonderful parent but slagging your ex-husband off in every media channel available, discussing your sex life with ex and new boyfriend publicly and often, moving a new boyfriend into your home with your children weeks after splitting from said husband and encouraging those children to call this new man 'dad' is absolutely appalling and I find it sickening that her behaviour is being condoned in anyway. There I'm done I will now go back to being completely bored of their goings on and wishing their sections in the papers were taken up by people with any talent whatsoever.

Friday 16 October 2009

Beauty Sleep with Silksleep

I've always had trouble sleeping and recently it's been pretty bad. Nothing seemed to be working but luckily help was at hand in the form of the Silksleep Eye Mask - made from 100% Mulberry silk with deep silk filled padding that completely blocks out light. I don't usually like sleeping in eye masks but I think that is because most of the time the fabric isn't particularly nice and the strap is too tight. The strap on the Sleepsilk mask is comfortable and just the right tightness - the mask stays on but you can't feel it on the back of your head. I have occasionally woken up to find that I've taken it off in my sleep (oops) but I have been sleeping so it must work.

A good nights sleep has a multitude of health benefits including helping reduce blood pressure and having the prescribed eight hours sleep a night can help to build your immunity and avoid receptiveness to illness and infections. Now not everyone needs eight hours sleep but for however long you do sleep and eye mask helps block out the the distractions - lights, clocks, street lights...

Not only that but silk is beneficial to the complexion. Soft and gentle on your skin and helps the delicate skin around the eyes retain moisture as silk holds the same pH as the skin! This allows the skin to remain supple helping to reduce the effects of wrinkles so you are looking radiant, refreshed and healthy in the morning.

The Silksleep Eye Mask is chemical free and awarded a coveted Oeko-Tex 100 textiles certification and it's only £12.95 (available here) - a small price to pay for a good nights sleep. xx

Wednesday 7 October 2009


I very nicely got sent some new Sure Women Maximum Protection deodorant to try out. I have been using the same deodorant for such a long time that I have to say it was a bit of a novelty to try out a new one (how exciting is my life!). Deodorants are so person specific once you get into it. Everyone has their preferences - spray, roll on, gel, scented, unscented let alone brand.

Sure Women Maximum Protection is a cream deodorant formulated with innovative TRIsolid body responsive technology to moisturise the skin, fight odour and give maximum wetness protection! It is supposed to give 48 hours protection - you apply it before going to bed (the TRisolid formula works best while the body is resting and builds a strong level of protection. This is supposed to last throughout the following day and is even showerproof.

This lightly scented deodorant does smell really nice and has a nice light application. I did find that it didn't last as long as it said however. I tried applying it post-bath before bed and found I was a little niffy half way through the next afternoon. I didn't mind this at all though (not the smelling... I do mind smelling). I actually like to sleep with no deodorant on if I've just had a bath - I think it's nice for my little pits to breathe a bit. So if you applied this in the morning it will definitely last all day and into the night with not a sign of wearing off, it has a nice light feel to it and should last a long time. Definitely worth a try xx

Wednesday 30 September 2009


For the last three weeks I have been testing out Modern Organic Products MOP Glisten Shampoo. I know that Miss F is a big fan and although I snuck a try of hers when we were living together I'd never used it regularly enough to see how it actually works. I have to say I'm impressed - people have commented on how shiny and healthy my hair is looking which can only be a good thing and it has lasted really well. You don't need to use very much for this to have a real effect.

As the name suggests this is an affordable, modern, organic hair care range which protects you hair and your wallet. There are a couple of ranges from Mop - the Glisten that I was testing is a natural shine producing range designed to accentuate the hairs natural pliability and lustre. Because this has made a noticeable difference I really wish I was trying the MOP Glisten Conditioner too as I'm sure together they would have an even more fantastic effect.
The MOP Glisten Shampoo contains linseed oil, whole wheat protein and Vitamin C which thoroughly cleanse the hair, maple syrup and honey to lock in the shine and moisture and protect the hair from heat (which is fantastic if you can't put down your GHD's). Although at approx £10 this is not the cheapest shampoo on the market is is by no means the most expensive - a bottle does last and you will see the difference.

Although this is not specifically a volumising shampoo like I would usually go for this, as with the majority of shampoos (except Head & Shoulders I HATE Head & Shoulders) does give your hair lift if you really massage your scalp - there is no way this is going to coat your hair and hold it down. It adds shine and I can really feel the difference in the texture of my hair. If you are having hair troubles then give this a go. Highly recommended xx

P.s Mr J and I got engaged a year ago today - have been secretly reliving it (the rain, the shouting, the swearing, the champagne) all day. Can't believe it was a year ago... where's the time going... where's my life going! xx

Friday 25 September 2009

Atheist's Guide to Christmas

You've all seen and heard about the Atheist bus campaign well now here is the Atheist book campaign. This beautiful hardback, The Atheist's Guide to Christmas, is out on 1st October but available on Amazon and in all good book stores (and Tesco!) now. Buy it - it has great contributions from some fantastic people including Richards Dawkins, Derren Brown, Charlie Brooker, Simon le Bon and David Baddiel. It makes you think, it makes you laugh and it is the perfect present for the atheist in your family - whether it's Christmas or not and all the proceeds go to the Terrence Higgins trust xx

Tuesday 15 September 2009


I used to watch all awards show. Slightly lame you may think but if that's the case you're probably not as nosey as I am. I'm very nosy. Mr J is not. I can't remember the last time I sat and stuffed my face whilst making shocked noises at who was wearing what and snorting derisively at acceptance speeches. Mr J went and watched football on Sunday afternoon - by the time he returned home I was fully ensconced in the warm up to the Video Music Awards. There was no escape for him, he had to make me supper and shut up.

I have to say I thought Russell Brand was a bizarre and poor choice. I'm British and I didn't find him funny so was not surprised by the lack of laughter from the audience (but of course the Britishness in me did find the stony silence incredibly embarrassing from my sofa). His suit was also dreadful - how he manages to get laid in such unattractive trousers is beyond me!

I don't really want to dwell on the whole Kanye/Taylor thing although I will say that I do agree with Obama the man is a jackass. I felt his comments about the Beyonce video were partly due to who she is and who she's married to but what pissed me off most was that he later 'apologised' saying he was still sad about his mum. I'm pretty sure she'd be pretty sad to be used as an excuse for terrible and completely avoidable public bad behaviour. Obviously Beyonce rectified it on the night by behaving like a complete lady.

The outfits didn't really set my world on fire. I thought Pink looked great in her Balmain dress and dealt well with the fact that Shakira was wearing the same one and arrived five minutes after her. I do hate Pinks trapeze outfit thought - the star over one exposed boob is not a good look for anyone no matter in how good shape you are. I liked Beyonce's red dresses even if one did seem to have a sort of built in bum bag arrangement at the front - I guess she needed somewhere to keep her lipstick - but I found the leotard she performed in pretty unattractive. She does have a fantastic body and I do hate leotards on everyone but I felt the same as I do every time Madonna dons one - 'I just don't want to see that much of your thrusting barely covered crotch'.

I thought Alicia Keys looked good when she performed (I didn't see her non-performance outfit very well) but again leggings can be unflattering and they didn't do her justice. In fact I can remember being quite surprised at how un-great she looked but I think I'm probably just so happy that she got rid of those dreadful side plait/cornrow things that I'll forgive her many a fashion faux pas.

Of course you can't comment on outfits without a little mention to Lady GaGa who managed three costume changes (not including her performance outfit) and looked horrifically uncomfortable in all of them. The first involved a partial mask and full neck brace necklace. The mask I can kind of get my head around even if it made me imagine her living in the roof of Radio City but she looked so uncomfortable not being able to move her neck and I don't think that's a good look. As for the red lacy number over her face - even she got sick of that one when she pulled it off to give her acceptance speech. Third time lucky? Third time better I'd say even though she looked like she'd been called to attend the VMA's in the middle of an ornithological accident and had a birds nest stuck to her face. As a result of all these face cover costume changes her hair looked so unhappy - if hair could cry it would have done. I was shocked to find she is three years younger than me... she looked older on the night and I now think it must have been the hair.

When it comes to the performances I thought they were all pretty good. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys did 'Empire State of Mind' which was fantastic, really atmospheric... almost made me a little weepy and I've never even been to New York. They both sounded great (Jay-Z maybe a little gravelly) and I'd forgotten how talented Alicia Keys actually is. I'm so used to processed music now that I always get a surprise when a girl has a real good pair of lungs! The Michael Jackson tribute was fantastic - was really impressed with the dancers. It's one thing doing all of his most difficult dances but doing them with a massive screen showing him doing them at the same time, talk about pressure. Thought it was slightly weird that they put someone at the front who couldn't do the famous Smooth Criminal lean but maybe it was stage fright. Thought Janet danced well and was really brave - out of all the dancers though she was the only one slightly out of time she does have that Jackson flair though so I think that makes up for it.

Beyonce of course was duty bound to do the 'Single Ladies' dance but didn't actually sing much of the song. Ok I thought, it's a vigorous dance no one wants to hear her singing in a wobbly exercise voice so I forgave her... until I saw Pink perform 'Sober'. 'She's miming' said the ever cynical Mr J. She was not. By far the best performance of the night (I think it was during this performance that she made have separated her shoulder) the trapezing was fantastic and she sang well enough to sound like a recording only her own personal additions made it clear that she was singing live. The woman was being tossed around in the air upside down and was note perfect. Frankly made Beyonce look a little lame for not singing more.

So that's it. That'll probably be the last awards show I'll be allowed to watch for years xx

Wednesday 9 September 2009


I've had one of those moments recently - when you haven't heard of something and then all of a sudden it's everywhere and you think maybe you were a bit behind the times to not have heard it before. Well that's been happening to me with Tisserand. I'd vaguely heard of the name when I was asked to try out some of their products and now they seem to be everywhere.

Tisserand is a vegan, aromatherapy company that not only make fantastic products but tell you how to blend oils at home for your own therapies on their website here. There are reasonably priced and smell gorgeous.

For my birthday I was given some Tisserand Lavender Hand Cream which now has pride of place next to my kitchen sink. My first forays into gardening have made my hands age about twenty years and this hand cream is thick, great smelling and really soaks in well. I also got Tisserand Indulgent Bath Soak Essential Oil Rich
which smells gorgeous - not too overpowering as I sometimes find bath soaks can be - and contains organic ylang-ylang, ethically harvested jasmine. It softens your skin and really relaxes you. It makes me want to read in the bath - something I rarely have time to do anymore.

I've also been given some Tisserand Remedy Roller Balls to try one for concentration and one to help sleep. The Tisserand Roll-On Remedy Concentrate Roller Ball sits by my desk and the mix of rosemary, grapefruit and coriander oils usually get applied after a particularly heavy lunch. I don't know if I'm gullible but this definitely perks me up a bit! The Tisserand Roll-On Remedy Goodnight Roller Ball contains lavender, ylang-ylang and bergamot and this really does help sleep - something which I've always had problems with. I'm not saying its fixed my insomnia but it definitely helps me on my way to sleep.

Tisserand products are incredibly well priced and are a fantastic way to indulge yourself, help the planet and save your pocket xx

Friday 4 September 2009

Calling all Writers

This year Scholl are going to be at one of the hottest fashion events in the world- OnOff during London Fashion Week. They’ll be launching a fashion blog at the OnOff fashion shows giving a behind the scenes review of all shows and the latest gossip and trends to emerge. They’re currently looking for a Scholl blogger to head down to London and report back on all the shows, It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for any budding fashion enthusiast! Further details of the competition can be found at check it out xx

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Birthday Spoils

The thing about this blog is that it means every year on my birthday I get given lots of yummy smelly things which make the post-birthday blues (yes I still get them, no I'm not five) more bearable. I got some gorgeous Floris bath oil and some goodies from Lush. My sister got me some gorgeous E.Coudray moisturiser which is rich and fantastic smelling - ideal for your washbag in case you forget scent or need a little pick-me-up. She also got me some Bend don't Break by Jessica to stop my weakened nails snapping - you can feel the difference the day you apply it which is unusual.

Miss F tracked down a brand I'd never even heard of - Bella Bellissima and got me some Perfect Day Ultimate Bathing Oil and Perfect Night Luxury Dry Body Oil
. Now don't be put off by the words - Miss F and I nearly died with laughter when reading the back. It's nonsense (funny nonsense yes... but nonsense) but the smells are fantastic. A true pampering experience.
The best though was from my lovely husband who managed to track down a vat of Clarins Eau Dynamisante. Which blends 14 'aromatherapeutic' plant extracts and essential oils and to me just reminds me of holidays and happy times. It's energising and yet soothing and I just keep smelling myself all day! I've been dabbing it on my pulse points but you can actually rub it all over for invigorating toning! I'm now desperate to have the deodorant of this as well... to complete my set! xx

Friday 14 August 2009

Dove Spa Whipped Body Cream

I try out a lot of moisturisers and I'm not that fussy. As long as it moisturises I'm happy - I've lived with dry skin for nearly 26 years so I'm used to not feeling as silky smooth as the adverts tell me I will. I love Nivea Soft, it does what it says on the tin but, well, it's not very exciting smell or packaging wise. That sounds a bit mean - it's affordable and I feel like something is missing if I don't have a big pot of this in my bathroom.

However sometimes I want something a little more glam - the same softness as Nivea but maybe a nicer package and a prettier smell. I'm pretty picky when it comes to smells - most things I find just too sweet and I want them to be off me after about five minutes. I have found something though that ticks all boxes. The package is cool but understated it smells fantastic and it doesn't break the bank. And who knew that Dove that well known brand do Dove Spa a professional skincare range!!

Silk Rhapsody Extra Rich Whipped Body Cream is just gorgeous and affordable at just £22 for a big tub. It smells fantastic and the avocado oil and shea butter leaves your skin feeling smooth and pampered. I put this on the tops of my arms twice a day and give myself an all over moisturise before clambering into bed. You'll notice the results and smell good enough to eat. xx

Wednesday 5 August 2009

A Model for Living

We've moved and I'm so relieved - it's finally happened and I can feel like a proper Mrs now. However, I have been encouraged to be more assertive at work (my friends have found this hilarious - am a little too assertive most of the time) so one of my bosses has told me to spend half an hour a day at work reading A Model for Living by Julian Short.

Endorsed by Storm and Premier modelling agencies this is a practical guide to modern life and the problems we face every day. Julian Short has had over 30 years experience as a psychologist and everyone I know who has read this book has not only read it more than once but says it really works. What grabbed me about the book is the 'Cope with Rejection' and 'Improve Self-Esteem' sections which I think will really help me personally. It is easy, to-the-point and relevant and has advice and tips that really help and are easy to introduce into modern life.

I'll let you know how I get up - or you can pick a copy and let me know what you think,

Friday 31 July 2009

On the Move

The time has finally come - we're moving out of my father-in-laws basement and into our own flat (fingers crossed) on Sunday. I am so excited that my brain has stopped functioning on any level but how soon I'll be able to clean my kitchen and unpack my wedding presents. Internet may be a bit sporadic for a bit but hopefully we'll have it up and working in a week or so. I'm more worried about the sky plus box but I'm going to have to be a grown up and live without it for a bit. Am hoping that the final unpacking of the stuff I boxed up nearly a year ago will unearth some treasures. I can't wait!!! xx

Monday 27 July 2009


I have been sucked into the world of Twitter! You can now follow my tweets here xx

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash, Rinse and Born Again Masque

I always love trying out new hair products. I think when it comes to shampoo and conditioner variety is good for you hair. Even if I find products that I love I still try and mix it up a little and I find that this seems to keep my hair happy. I hadn't heard of Kevin Murphy before but I'm a real convert to his products. He's an Australian stylist who has worked with Kylie Minogue and Cate Blanchett uses all natural ingredients from Australia. What I love is that not only have I really noticed the difference in the two weeks I've been using the shampoo, conditioner and masque but they come in such a fantastic looking, easy to use package.

I've been using Angel Wash, Angel Rinse and the Born Again Masque. The Angel Wash is described as a 'delicate recovery shampoo for fine, dry or broken hair'. As I have all of the above I use these kind of products quite often and sometimes find that even though there are for fine hair they actual coat it and make it heavier. Not so with Angel Wash. It contains aloe, milk proteins, angelica root and it's really gentle. The Angel Rinse is the conditioner and contains mango butter, cocoa butter and chamomile. I've never come across angelica root before (which is also in the Angel Rinse) but having done a bit of research apparently it is this that controls stressed out hair and the milk protein repairs the hair - especially good for damaged, coloured hair.

My real surprise was with the Born Again Masque. I find masque's not matter what they say always coat my hair leaving it flat no matter how well conditioned it is so I was wary when I tried this. With olive leaf, Shea butter and omega 3 and 6 this is specifically to soften, repair and moisturise coloured hair. I've been using this twice a week and what is great is that you can leave it on from 2-20 minutes. I usually find that masque's are pretty ineffectual unless you leave them on for 10 minutes or more but if I'm in a hurry this is fantastic when it's only on for a short amount of time.

I really can't recommend these enough. I've had comments on how much healthier my hair is looking and it really feels better too. But don't take my word for it go and find the products to suit your hair and try for yourself you won't be disappointed. 

Tuesday 7 July 2009


There are many reasons why I love Mavala the main one being that their nail varnish never get old and gloopy because of the small bottle. The variety of colours is fantastic and their whole range of products could mean you never need to use any other nail care! From base coats, to top coats (and every colour you can think of) to buffers, manicure bowls and hand masks they have literally everything covered.

My favourite colour is either Milky (a sort of pinky orange) and Juicy (orangy red - don't you love my use of technical terms!) and the innovative base and top coats keep the colour fixed for longer than usual (going on my nails which chip as soon as I start typing... I've just checked - I'm chip free after over 24 hours!). I really recommend these nail varnishes and nail products - even the nail varnish remover seems to be the best!!

The variety of colours (there are the classic colours, glitter colours, shimmer colours, black, white and everything in between) and the reasonable price mean that whoever you need to get a present for this is a fun, recession friendly option that can be really chosen to suit them and it's their 50th Anniversary this year so time for a celebration xx

Thursday 2 July 2009

Spooning with Rosie

Those of you who venture to Brixton in South London may have been to Rosie's Deli Cafe in Brixton Market. It is not only full of yummy food and drinks but the atmosphere is so friendly, retro and relaxed I defy anyone not to love it and the owner, Rosie Lovell is at the forefront of up and coming new cookery writers and chefs. Move over Jamie there's a new gal in town.

But fear not, for those of you not able to trek to Brixton help is at hand - Rosie's written a book. Spooning with Rosie is filled with great recipes, cool photos and great cooking tips drawn and written by Rosie's own fair hand. From the snacks (Aubergine and Salami Stacks, Dom's Marital Potato Salad, Raf's Lettuce Soup) to hearty main courses (Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Lasagna, Roasted Salmon and Fennel pate and Puff Pastry Pie) and perfect puds (Rhubarb and Whiskey Fool, Baked Amaretti and Goat's Cheesecake) this cook book is fresh and new and has every eventuality covered.

What I love about this book is that it's punctuated with her own hand drawn tips - Munching Maps which show you what works well with something in particular i.e. Shellfish has cream, lemon and lime, garlic and fennel. There's also a list of store cupboard essentials and Rosie's own hot tips: where to find good, inexpensive china, how to get rid of fishy hands and tea stains and what the best soother for a streaming cold is.

This is the least intimidating cook book I've seen in years - so fun just to look at you can't help but want to try out some of the recipes - and it's so beautifully put together you'll want it on your shelf. Whether you want something light and yummy for a summer picnic or something warm and soothing for when the rain comes this has it covered and will inspire you to get back in the kitchen. It's a crime against your kitchen not to have this book xx

(Spooning with Rosie is published by 4th Estate)

Monday 29 June 2009

Revlon Falsies

I hate wearing false nails. I'm quite lucky, my nails do chip and fall off sometimes but I can grow my own talons sometimes so I never use fake nails as I don't want to upset my own too much. I also just have memories of sticking my fingers together and the nails flipping off every ten minutes and having to be glued back on.

Not so the new Revlon false nails. They are easy to apply and even easier to file to suit your nail shape and they are rock solid - these babies are not going anywhere. With new glitter designs such as Minx which I tried these are great for a little boost on the finger front. The only annoying thing was removing them - you are instructed to hold your hands in acetone based nail varnish remover until the nails dissolve and not remove them by taking them off yourself. I found it much easier to soak them for a bit and then pull them off. I think I would have grown old if I'd waited for them to dissolve off. I did it for half an hour and they were only dissolved a little bit. The ones I pulled off came off completely and nearly two weeks later I still have remnants of the ones I let dissolve on my nails!!

This does mean however, that these puppies have staying power and are definitely worth a try if you are a fan of falsies.They don't have the new 'Runway' designs available in the UK yet but fantastic red, natural or french manicured so you still have some variety. I think the red ones look fantastic xx

Thursday 18 June 2009

Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers

The sale is on for the coolest underwear around go to for awesome deals on the most beautiful underwear London can offer xx

Monday 15 June 2009

Lulu Guinness

This year marks the Lulu Guinness's 20th anniversary so I nipped down to their newly revamped shop on Ellis Street off Sloane Street to see their latest goodies and hear about how they'll be celebrating 20 years in the business. The shop looks fantastic - clean lines, fresh simple colours, the perfect backdrop for the beautiful bags and accessories. The cherry on the cake was a fantastically innovative display cabinet with the most intricate bags on little shelves that rotate. You get given a pre-programmed iphone and you can select which bag you want to hear about and Lulu herself talks you through what she loves about the design.

What I love about Lulu Guinness is the variety of designs and colours. From the simple to the fantastic every taste is covered. The traditional floral print and lipstick designs are fully evident. The now iconic lip clutches are brought out in a different colour every season. This season it's orange and I love them - it's like a lip rainbow and they are the perfect size and texture, you just have to squeeze them. The beautiful deep floral prints are available in bed linen, spreads and cushions - the perfect dramatic touch to any bedroom. There are also the more unusual designs - beautifully stitched spreads with butterflies and birds - you can't resist touching them. My favourite bed sets were the circus design - the ideal present for god daughter who has everything.

Lulu is best known for her handbags but there are also limited edition fragrances available. Although these are no longer being produced they are still available in certain stores so if you are keen to have a special scent these are for you. Lulu's signature scent is really floral and fresh really lovely if you are working all day and going out in the evening - perfect for both occasions and the bottle is fantastic. Cast a Spell by Lulu Guinness is a much deeper scent. I really love this one - it is vampy but still keeps the beautiful floral edge - good for those who like a bit of zing and of course the bottle will look fantastic on your dressing table!

The bags, of course, are just beautiful. It took all my strength to leave without the Sun blush leather medium Romilly bag or the silver snakeskin lips clutch which would be perfect with any evening outfit. But I wasn't just tempted by the bags (or the beautiful purses - medium flat frame sun blush crinkle patent purse please!!) the jewellery is fantastically glam and quirky. The pave crystal lip stud earrings are just the right size and can really jazz up a black outfit.

But it's not just Lulu who's celebrating. You can too - the sale is on now is your chance to pick up a bargain that you will have with you forever! xx

Monday 8 June 2009

Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

I got a bit carried away at Barbados airport. I still maintain it wasn't my fault - I didn't expect to wait three hours for our next flight. I bought some Diorshow waterproof mascara. It's wonderful but a bit clumpy - I think I'd be really sad if I used it and didn't have an eyelash comb. It does everything it is supposed to though - it lenghtens, it thickens, it is the closest I've come to wearing false eyelashes without, well, wearing false eyelashes.

The second purchase was a bit of an impulse. We were about to fly so all my make-up was packed in the hold and I had been reading 'Hello' and was feeling a little sloppy and shiny! Diorskin powder compact comes in a lovely package and is really good powder but it's important to get the right colour so you don't see it all over your face.

What You Need to Know - Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

Friday 29 May 2009


Now I'm not going to lie, when you are getting married you get spoilt. People buy you presents, people buy you drinks, and they all want to hear about every thing that's going into the planning. One of my best presents however was Eve Lom's Travel Set. It is just fantastic. The case itself is a thing of beauty and it literally contains everything you need for your travels. I gave myself a full facial three times whilst on honeymoon!

So what do you get? A pot of the cleanser, a tube of rescue mask, a tube of TLC cream, a tube of Moisturiser (with SPF 15), a tube of hand cream (with SPF 10) and a muslin cloth. I have to say that I just adore Eve Lom's cleanser whatever format it comes in. It isn't too harsh on the skin and you can really feel the difference when you've used it. The TLC cream is quite thick so you need to use this when it has some time to sink in (and you really don't need to use very much!)

It's very tempting to put the tubes of face cream and hand cream in your handbag but I actually managed to keep mine altogether - I put them on in the morning and then topped up with high sun factor on my face during the day. I really recommend this as a going away present or just a treat to yourself before your next holiday!! xx
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