Sunday 25 July 2010

Space NK

My very good friend from university, Miss M, is getting married in October and yesterday we went to Space NK for her to get a make over to try out different products. When I got married I went to Laura Mercier in John Lewis purely because the girl there had beautifully done make-up which I always think is a great advertisement. The great thing about Space NK is that they stock different brands so I feel that you are more likely to get shown the best of all of them rather than being told that one particular brand is the one to have. The main reason to go for a make over I think is to properly try out products that you just wouldn't normally get to try.

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation
Miss M, like me is a big fan of black eyeliner and flicks at the side of the eye but, unlike me, she rarely wears foundation, blusher or much on her skin apart from the odd bit of concealer. As she says getting the right look for the skin is the most important thing for big events and photographs. If you wear eye make-up everyday then you basically know what looks good on you but getting the right products for your face can be a minefield.

The recommended foundation (which Miss M, after long deliberation at its £52 price tag, did end up purchasing) was Chantecaille Future Skin foundation in Porcelain. It is a lot of money but comes with built in primer which is a big bonus for events when you want your make-up to stay put and look fresh without needing touch ups. You can pay £25 or more for a separate primer so I suppose you could see that as contributing to the price for this. I personally like my foundation to give me some colour - this is because I have pale skin but a lot of freckles so a darker foundation works well to make my skin look more even. Miss M prefers a lighter look which works really well on her skin and this (applied with a brush) looked fantastic. I was taking test pictures and you could really see the difference. It's an oil-free gel foundation so gives a lovely light-reflecting dewy look without having a greasy finish on the skin.

Nars Multiple
To stop the shine in photographs though we used so Laura Mercier translucent pressed powder on the t-zone, chin and undereyes just to give a more matt finish - also purchased by Miss M. Nars Smudge Proof Eye Shadow base was applied as a colourless primer to the eyelids - another great trick for keeping make-up where it should be and looking fresh. And light gold/brown eye shadow applied which was very nice although as I said earlier we were keen to see the products you can't really try out unless you are having a make over. Although she's usually a fan of black eyeliner we decided brown would be softer and can be smudged to give a more smokey effect if needed. On the top under the lashes we used Laura Mericer eye liner in brown which you apply using a wet square topped brush. This gives great definition without putting anything on the top of the eyelid. It looks tricky to apply but is actually really easy and worth the effort.
Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara

For me there were two other stand out products. The Nars Multiple used as blusher (as the name implies it can be used pretty much anywhere) so easy to apply and such a gentle colour that it's possibly the most natural blusher I've seen!! And the Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara which smells of rosewater and gives thick, long lashes. Both of these were resisted by Miss M (and me) at the time but about an hour later she had planned to make a return trip on pay day to get these. The mascara is a whopping £31 but it's the next best thing to wearing false lashes - a real wow factor mascara. Both of these are now on my wish list! As is the Laura Mercier smudge brush which they didn't have in stock. Great for smokey eyes and that 'I-always-look-this-fantastic-when-I've-just-got-out-of-bed look'.

It was really exciting to be able to try out these products which I'd often picked up in shops but hadn't wanted to fork out for unseen. I really recommend getting a make over if you want to try before you buy. Yes it's slightly embarrassing sitting somewhere while someone paints your face but it's worth it and if you take a friend it's definitely not so bad!! xx
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