Tuesday 14 July 2009

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash, Rinse and Born Again Masque

I always love trying out new hair products. I think when it comes to shampoo and conditioner variety is good for you hair. Even if I find products that I love I still try and mix it up a little and I find that this seems to keep my hair happy. I hadn't heard of Kevin Murphy before but I'm a real convert to his products. He's an Australian stylist who has worked with Kylie Minogue and Cate Blanchett uses all natural ingredients from Australia. What I love is that not only have I really noticed the difference in the two weeks I've been using the shampoo, conditioner and masque but they come in such a fantastic looking, easy to use package.

I've been using Angel Wash, Angel Rinse and the Born Again Masque. The Angel Wash is described as a 'delicate recovery shampoo for fine, dry or broken hair'. As I have all of the above I use these kind of products quite often and sometimes find that even though there are for fine hair they actual coat it and make it heavier. Not so with Angel Wash. It contains aloe, milk proteins, angelica root and it's really gentle. The Angel Rinse is the conditioner and contains mango butter, cocoa butter and chamomile. I've never come across angelica root before (which is also in the Angel Rinse) but having done a bit of research apparently it is this that controls stressed out hair and the milk protein repairs the hair - especially good for damaged, coloured hair.

My real surprise was with the Born Again Masque. I find masque's not matter what they say always coat my hair leaving it flat no matter how well conditioned it is so I was wary when I tried this. With olive leaf, Shea butter and omega 3 and 6 this is specifically to soften, repair and moisturise coloured hair. I've been using this twice a week and what is great is that you can leave it on from 2-20 minutes. I usually find that masque's are pretty ineffectual unless you leave them on for 10 minutes or more but if I'm in a hurry this is fantastic when it's only on for a short amount of time.

I really can't recommend these enough. I've had comments on how much healthier my hair is looking and it really feels better too. But don't take my word for it go and find the products to suit your hair and try for yourself you won't be disappointed. 


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