One reason why it's great to get other people to test things out is because everyone has different skin. That's the beauty of it. And the difficult thing about it. I could try out mattifiers and pore minimisers all day long but I'm just not going to know if they actually do what they are supposed to. So it would be better to get someone else to try the things that would suit their skin more than mine. So here they are...

Bree contributor picBree is an Australian now living in West London. Happy to spend on products that are worth forking out for (she's a huge fan of the Dr Sebag Serum Repair) and will pull no punches when something isn't up to the mark. Bree tends to have an oily(ish) t-zone and have a thing about her pores which annoy her when buying products and applying make-up.  I have to say that up close and personal Bree's skin looks fantastic. If you want excellent dry humour and the worlds best #tbt's then you can find Bree on Instgram here. She sometimes blogs about food - my middle child was by far the largest, I spent the pregnancy sitting on Bree's sofa being fed. A coincidence? I think not.

Gina profile picGina hails from my spiritual home, Norwich. If you haven't been then go. It has everything you need and is filled with the best people. Gina loves make-up and skincare and has oily skin with what she calls 'texture problems'. She's a real ingredients geek and is always on the hunt for the next big thing. Another woman who isn't afraid to give a direct honest opinion she is one of the most supportive people I know. One of the top examples for why I truly believe social media can bring you the best people (as long as you ditch the ones who make you feel crap) - if you want to follow a positivity powerhouse you can find her here on Instagram.

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