Friday 29 May 2009


Now I'm not going to lie, when you are getting married you get spoilt. People buy you presents, people buy you drinks, and they all want to hear about every thing that's going into the planning. One of my best presents however was Eve Lom's Travel Set. It is just fantastic. The case itself is a thing of beauty and it literally contains everything you need for your travels. I gave myself a full facial three times whilst on honeymoon!

So what do you get? A pot of the cleanser, a tube of rescue mask, a tube of TLC cream, a tube of Moisturiser (with SPF 15), a tube of hand cream (with SPF 10) and a muslin cloth. I have to say that I just adore Eve Lom's cleanser whatever format it comes in. It isn't too harsh on the skin and you can really feel the difference when you've used it. The TLC cream is quite thick so you need to use this when it has some time to sink in (and you really don't need to use very much!)

It's very tempting to put the tubes of face cream and hand cream in your handbag but I actually managed to keep mine altogether - I put them on in the morning and then topped up with high sun factor on my face during the day. I really recommend this as a going away present or just a treat to yourself before your next holiday!! xx

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Book Worm

Am now back in England after two weeks of bliss in the Grenadines. Am also reunited with my whopper engagement ring which is nice (diamonds are a girls best friend). What I really loved was two weeks in the sun to do lots of reading. One book I really recommend if you are a fan of a soothing easy read is Hens Dancingby Rafaela Barker. When I went home the Wednesday before the wedding I needed something comforting to read that wouldn't tax my brain to much but would offer me a bit of an escape. Hens Dancingis a long-term favourite of mine and it was even better on about the fifth time of reading it! Highly recommended.

On the honeymoon I really love The Common Yearsby Jilly Cooper which again is lovely escapism in her usual witty style, and Whatever Happened to Margo?by Margaret Durrell. I found this whilst browsing a second hand book shop in Hammersmith whilst waiting for Miss M after work and it, again, was a really lovely read. A must for anyone who has read My Family and Other Animals (if you haven't you must it's fantastic). xx

Sunday 17 May 2009

Palm Island

The deed is done - we had a fantastic wedding and are now sunning ourselves and drinking rum cocktails on the lovely Palm Island in the Grenadines. I did manage to buy some Pink Lemonade Lipglass from Mac in the Airport and a set of two Jo Malone fragrances (Grapefruit and Lime Basil and Mandarin) on the plane so I'm not completely neglecting my duties!! xx

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Green Flash

Why are Green Flash no longer the proper green? I'm going to leave you with that thought as i run off to get married (also if you find some that are still the proper green flash green can you let me know please)
Lots of Love xxxxx
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