Tuesday 7 July 2009


There are many reasons why I love Mavala the main one being that their nail varnish never get old and gloopy because of the small bottle. The variety of colours is fantastic and their whole range of products could mean you never need to use any other nail care! From base coats, to top coats (and every colour you can think of) to buffers, manicure bowls and hand masks they have literally everything covered.

My favourite colour is either Milky (a sort of pinky orange) and Juicy (orangy red - don't you love my use of technical terms!) and the innovative base and top coats keep the colour fixed for longer than usual (going on my nails which chip as soon as I start typing... I've just checked - I'm chip free after over 24 hours!). I really recommend these nail varnishes and nail products - even the nail varnish remover seems to be the best!!

The variety of colours (there are the classic colours, glitter colours, shimmer colours, black, white and everything in between) and the reasonable price mean that whoever you need to get a present for this is a fun, recession friendly option that can be really chosen to suit them and it's their 50th Anniversary this year so time for a celebration xx

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