Thursday 2 July 2009

Spooning with Rosie

Those of you who venture to Brixton in South London may have been to Rosie's Deli Cafe in Brixton Market. It is not only full of yummy food and drinks but the atmosphere is so friendly, retro and relaxed I defy anyone not to love it and the owner, Rosie Lovell is at the forefront of up and coming new cookery writers and chefs. Move over Jamie there's a new gal in town.

But fear not, for those of you not able to trek to Brixton help is at hand - Rosie's written a book. Spooning with Rosie is filled with great recipes, cool photos and great cooking tips drawn and written by Rosie's own fair hand. From the snacks (Aubergine and Salami Stacks, Dom's Marital Potato Salad, Raf's Lettuce Soup) to hearty main courses (Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Lasagna, Roasted Salmon and Fennel pate and Puff Pastry Pie) and perfect puds (Rhubarb and Whiskey Fool, Baked Amaretti and Goat's Cheesecake) this cook book is fresh and new and has every eventuality covered.

What I love about this book is that it's punctuated with her own hand drawn tips - Munching Maps which show you what works well with something in particular i.e. Shellfish has cream, lemon and lime, garlic and fennel. There's also a list of store cupboard essentials and Rosie's own hot tips: where to find good, inexpensive china, how to get rid of fishy hands and tea stains and what the best soother for a streaming cold is.

This is the least intimidating cook book I've seen in years - so fun just to look at you can't help but want to try out some of the recipes - and it's so beautifully put together you'll want it on your shelf. Whether you want something light and yummy for a summer picnic or something warm and soothing for when the rain comes this has it covered and will inspire you to get back in the kitchen. It's a crime against your kitchen not to have this book xx

(Spooning with Rosie is published by 4th Estate)


  1. I've seen in in Selfridges - looks great! Love the concept too!

  2. I'm never going to prefer the smell of Crew Wax to Fish. It's OK, but a bit on the thyme-y side - makes me want to barbeque some trouts. Also, the idea of me having good hair day or night is frankly risible!

    Product good though, thanks to Crew for freebie.


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