Friday 19 November 2010

True Match?

I've finally used all my foundations up so I thought I'd try out some L'Oreal True Match liquid foundation on the advice of Miss-M-now-Mrs-W. As I've said before I find it really difficult to guess what colour I'm going to be in foundation so I went for Rose Vanilla partly because it looked right on the back of my hand, under the glare of the Sainsbury's lights and partly because... well that sounds like how I'd like my skin to look. Technical I know.

L'Oreal True Match liquid Foundation in Rose Vanilla
I think part of my problem with foundations is they always promise so much and never deliver and I have to say that True Match liquid foundation is no different. The only one I've seen put on and thought 'wow' was the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation Miss-M-now-Mrs-W used for her wedding (it's amazing... it's expensive). I really would like to try some of that myself some day but until my finances are back on their feet I will stick with the ones nearer £10 than £50.

True Match also does a roll on foundation but I have to confess I am scared to try it (that's what low funds does to you). My hand wavered over it but landed on the trusty old liquid foundation instead. I really love the colour - I'm always told how pale I am and this adds a bit of warmth and yet still looks normal which is something I'm always worried about and which makes me usually err on the side of pale. Now that I'm confident in the colour I think I will try the roll-on foundation to see what all the fuss is about.

The foundation is easy to apply, build up and gives good coverage but it isn't mind blowing (I know I expect too much) but very good for an everyday foundation. I know I'm unusual in my wishes for make-up. I'm one of the few girls at work that wears make-up every day let alone the amount I wear so I really would like to have amazing looking skin everyday even if it is given a lot of help - many people have said to me 'well you wouldn't wear foundation everyday' I do... I think I always will. So I will keep looking for that perfect 'wow' one, and saving so I can try the Chantecaille, but for now L'Oreal's True Match is great for everyday and fantastically priced at around £7.99. That won't break the bank. xx
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