Friday 30 October 2009

Affordable Lips

I can't count how many lipsticks and lip glosses I've tried that are supposed to last for a certain amount of time - usually 12 hours - which last 12 minutes. I admit that once I have applied anything to my lips I become a dedicated chewer until nothing is left except large sore patches (attractive I know). Still I always feel slightly let down, like it hasn't even tried to stay on properly.

MeMeMe's Long Stay Lips lip gloss however did have some staying power. Ok so the gloss lasts about an hour and a half tops (maybe more if you are not a lip worrier like me) but the colour is really long lasting. I tried Infinite Nude (where do they get these names from!!) and although its not a colour that screams nude to me, it was quite browny coloured and noticeable, the colour fades out really nice and then stays at the nice faded colour pretty much all day. I would definitely say that it lasts a long time - I'm not quite sure it does the full 12 hours. It's £5.99 and available at Superdrug - I'm definitely going to give this a try in some other colours. xx

Monday 26 October 2009

Primed and Ready - Laura Mercier Eye Basics and Benefit's F.Y.Eye

I'm a big fan of primers. OK I'm a big fan of all make-up for some reasons primers are something I never get bored of trying. I think it's because I thought they were just another rouse by make-up companies to get me to spend money but then I found some that actually did make a difference. It should come as no surprise then that I've been testing out another one.

I wear quite a lot of eyeliner and find that this can stain my lids. I have been using Benefit's F.Y..eye (£17) which I just love the texture of (it leaves your eyes feeling silky smooth) and it does take the lids back to their natural colour. However, it does occasionally let those evil creases appear (which I hate). I did think that this was just inevitable but have now found something which defies the crease!Laura Mercier Eye Basics

Laura Mericer's Eye Basics creates a perfect canvas for your eye make-up - enhancing the durability of it and camouflaging imperfections. Not only that but the skin friendly ingredients soothe your lids and provide healing benefits and anti-oxidant protection for this delicate skin area. It comes in different shades - I've been using Linen which I thought would be too light but is actually perfect.

The primer itself blends easily and drys smooth leaving a semi-matte finish that is crease proof and water resistant. For those of you who brave the world with a minimal amount of make-up this is great on it's own as a natural colour for your eyes.

I have really noticed the difference in the staying power of my eye make-up since I started using this. It comes highly recommended from me - definitely worth a try (and available here) xx

Tuesday 20 October 2009


I'm sorry to be writing this as I've tried to ignore all the goings on but how the hell has Jordan/Katie Price been nominated for Mother of the Year. Admittedly compared to Kerry Katona, a previous winner, she is a wonderful parent but slagging your ex-husband off in every media channel available, discussing your sex life with ex and new boyfriend publicly and often, moving a new boyfriend into your home with your children weeks after splitting from said husband and encouraging those children to call this new man 'dad' is absolutely appalling and I find it sickening that her behaviour is being condoned in anyway. There I'm done I will now go back to being completely bored of their goings on and wishing their sections in the papers were taken up by people with any talent whatsoever.

Friday 16 October 2009

Beauty Sleep with Silksleep

I've always had trouble sleeping and recently it's been pretty bad. Nothing seemed to be working but luckily help was at hand in the form of the Silksleep Eye Mask - made from 100% Mulberry silk with deep silk filled padding that completely blocks out light. I don't usually like sleeping in eye masks but I think that is because most of the time the fabric isn't particularly nice and the strap is too tight. The strap on the Sleepsilk mask is comfortable and just the right tightness - the mask stays on but you can't feel it on the back of your head. I have occasionally woken up to find that I've taken it off in my sleep (oops) but I have been sleeping so it must work.

A good nights sleep has a multitude of health benefits including helping reduce blood pressure and having the prescribed eight hours sleep a night can help to build your immunity and avoid receptiveness to illness and infections. Now not everyone needs eight hours sleep but for however long you do sleep and eye mask helps block out the the distractions - lights, clocks, street lights...

Not only that but silk is beneficial to the complexion. Soft and gentle on your skin and helps the delicate skin around the eyes retain moisture as silk holds the same pH as the skin! This allows the skin to remain supple helping to reduce the effects of wrinkles so you are looking radiant, refreshed and healthy in the morning.

The Silksleep Eye Mask is chemical free and awarded a coveted Oeko-Tex 100 textiles certification and it's only £12.95 (available here) - a small price to pay for a good nights sleep. xx

Wednesday 7 October 2009


I very nicely got sent some new Sure Women Maximum Protection deodorant to try out. I have been using the same deodorant for such a long time that I have to say it was a bit of a novelty to try out a new one (how exciting is my life!). Deodorants are so person specific once you get into it. Everyone has their preferences - spray, roll on, gel, scented, unscented let alone brand.

Sure Women Maximum Protection is a cream deodorant formulated with innovative TRIsolid body responsive technology to moisturise the skin, fight odour and give maximum wetness protection! It is supposed to give 48 hours protection - you apply it before going to bed (the TRisolid formula works best while the body is resting and builds a strong level of protection. This is supposed to last throughout the following day and is even showerproof.

This lightly scented deodorant does smell really nice and has a nice light application. I did find that it didn't last as long as it said however. I tried applying it post-bath before bed and found I was a little niffy half way through the next afternoon. I didn't mind this at all though (not the smelling... I do mind smelling). I actually like to sleep with no deodorant on if I've just had a bath - I think it's nice for my little pits to breathe a bit. So if you applied this in the morning it will definitely last all day and into the night with not a sign of wearing off, it has a nice light feel to it and should last a long time. Definitely worth a try xx
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