Friday 20 February 2009

Ped Egg

During times of financial belt tightening pampering is usually the first thing to go. For some manicures and pedicures will be a thing of the past. When I was first told about the PedEgg I thought it was a good idea but my expectations weren't that high. There are quite a few foot files on the market so it seemed unlikely that this was going to do anything that the others didn't already have covered. But I love it. The foot file removes callouses and hard skin and the egg shape fits into the palm of your hand. It's really easy to clean and the fact that there is a grater and file means you can attack all different problem areas of your feet. The grater attachment clips into the top of the egg meaning all the gross dead skin is caught and can be just washed away when you are finished. It is small enough to fit into your washbag so great to take on holiday and means it doesn't take up too much room in your bathroom - lets face it foot files aren't that appealing to have lying around the place. It'll be available soon in Boots and Debenhams or from JML for just £10. The best way to credit crunch foot perfection.

Thursday 12 February 2009

Wedding Hair

So I'm going to be blond again for the wedding and have therefore not being dying my hair (which means its currently a greeny ginger colour for washed out hair dye) and growing it whilst trying to keep split ends down to a minimum. This means I have been trying so many different hair products in an attempt to achieve hair happiness.

At the moment I'm trying L'Oreal's Elvive and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! I'm using the Elvive Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner and the Damage Care Serum. My hair does feel noticeably softer (I've used the conditioner with other shampoo's before and it feels fantastic then too) and I really think it looks healthier. The serum is to help repair and smooth split ends using ceremide. Although I was a little dubious as to how split ends could be repaired (I still don't think they can) I do think that it is possible to help prevent them getting worse and maybe starting so badly in the first place. I would really like to try Leave-in Concentrate which I think is like an intense version of the serum. I would say that the conditioner at least is more effective than the more expensive brands such as the L'Oreal Expert range (although I love their shampoo for white blond hair) and Kerastase (although again I really love Aqua-Oleum - an at-home treatment which you do over the period of weeks and which has a noticeable effect). God I'm sounding like a L'Oreal rep.

I've also taken a rather major step and made an appointment with a new hairdresser. Ok it's only for a consultation but it's something at least. The last time I left a hair salon happy was five years ago... I think I can even pin it to the month of June! Ever since I have had bad cuts, bad colours and my hair blow-dryed to my scalp having said repeatedly 'please give it volume please give it volume'. So having read the reviews on the Internet I'm giving Unruly a go with the precious locks. Fingers crossed xx

Friday 6 February 2009

SAD lighting

So my new jeans are fine now that they've been taken up by Miss M although I had forgotten just how stretchy Topshop jeans are which means you do need to wash them quite often to put them back into shape. Still hopefully this will mean my thighs are less likely to burst from the seams. Whilst buying cheaper jeans meant convincing myself that I was saving money, I did splash out of a pair of Spanish Riding Boots. Well, they are flat, waterproof and comfortable and actually look great with skirts and true to my old lady style, my bunion has been hurting in this cold weather (I'm wearing Ugg boots at work as we speak how depressing is that... they're not even real ones. They're from Clare's Accessories!). They haven't arrived yet so keep your fingers crossed that they a) fit and b) are as stylish as I imagine them to be!

We've had a couple of things going on on the home front which have been frustrating me because I am not allowed to blog about them which in turn makes me feel like I'm failing in some way. Some are too private for other people (I obviously have control over my own privacy settings) and some are wedding related and although I'm pretty sure no one involved reads this I also don't want to run the risk of them finding anything out. All I can say is that because I feel guilty at the organisation going in to my hen do I've made up some surprises of my own. Hope it goes down well!

So onto things I am allowed to discuss. Has anyone tried a SAD light? I really want to get one as I've just been feeling pretty exhausted and miserable at the moment. Am prone to depression so have been assuming that it is just that rearing its ugly head again but someone at work has one and said it makes the world of difference. Any ideas or recommendations would be hugely appreciated. xx

Thursday 5 February 2009

Chinese Democracy

Now although I was never one of those who was desperately waiting for the release of the 'new' Gun's n Roses album I did listen to it with interest. I was aware that my stance on Guns n Roses not being Guns n Roses unless they are the original line-up (Matt Sorum is allowed...) may look a little outdated if the long awaited Chinese Democracy was as awesome as it was supposed to be. Now it's taken me a while to write this because I have wanted to give it a chance and so when I say this it is from someone who has listened to it a couple of times I'm not sure it's very good at all. I have it on my internet radio station on shuffle so that I'm completely unprejudiced when a song from the album comes on and every time it does I think 'ooo what's this rubbish'. I think what really shows it up is having all other Guns tracks on shuffle as well. So for example this morning There Was a Time from Chinese Democracy was followed by November Rain... not really fair is it as no one can compete with Slash in the guitar stakes really.

The lyrics are still great, Axl being the only original member of the band left this is not so surprising. But it sounds like someone accidentally let Linkin Park or Staind into the studio and allowed them to mess around with the instruments a bit. I have to say it gets a reluctant thumbs down from me. xx

Tuesday 3 February 2009


Hurrah - for once the weather was on my side... well sort of. Although I trudged my way to work through the snow I did get to go home early so I went to the lovely Miss M's to get my jeans taken up (she's a sewing machine whizz). Perfect. We spent the afternoon pinning trousers and watching crap TV whilst marvelling at the snow. This made me a little less cross that everyone else in the world seemed to have stayed home all day to play in the snow and I'd hauled ass to Hammersmith. Still, wearing my new perfectly fitting jeans makes it a lot better!

I think the snow made everyone behave like it was a national holiday. There were snowmen everywhere (I saw Bill Bailey's... it was pretty good) and some semi-naked men were having some sort of flat party at 9am as I waded past (the snow going over the top of my wellies... where are my Hunters when I need them?). Is it wrong that I wish it had carried on for two days? yes I know the country seemed to grind to a halt even though we knew the snow was on its way but a day of nesting warmly in my basement in front of the tele is something I think I've earned. I need to practise being more serene for next weekend...

Next weekend we go to spend the day with the vicar and other to-be-married couples. We have lunch and I think the vicar talks to us but we also have to talk to a Relate councillor. Is it irrational that this makes me APOPLECTIC WITH RAGE? I can understand talking to the vicar, we are after all getting married in his church and using the good old vows but frankly a Relate councillor is a step to far. I'm sure they want us to be as prepared as possible for marriage and the issues it will bring but I would rather deal with those issues as and when they arise (and I know they will I'm not stupid) rather than someone else making the assumption for me that I need to speak to someone to be made aware of the possible problems. Leave it alone, if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.

This week will involve a lot of practise smiling and looking interested... starting now xx
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