Friday 19 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - What I'd Like

Initially this may seem like a strange category for a gift ideas post. However, I’ve tried really hard not to recommend anything that I haven’t tried myself make-up and skincare wise and there are a few other really specific things that I want that may click with you but I wouldn’t suggest as a gift for everyone, if that makes sense. So here are the things I haven't tried but want to with a few extra things thrown in.

Besame  - Besame has been available for a while in the UK but they are widening their distribution and they are a must for any fans of vintage make-up.
Apricot cream rouge – for use on lips, cheeks and eyes 
Violet Brightening powder – great if you are prone to redness or dark under the eyes 
Cashmere Powder Compact – this chunky compact is small enough to go in even a clutch and the powder in it is gorgeous  

CharlotteTilbury – god there’s a huge list of her products that I want (being allergic to her Magic Cream has in no way cooled my ardour) including her make-up bag (which I recommended for make-up lovers) but also (and not limited to!) the colour chameleon eyeshadow pencils (they do them to suit eye colour so this is a great make-up present to buy for someone as long as you know your eye colour - I would like bronzed garnet please) I’ve heard fantastic things about these pencils and finally her Lip Cheat in Pillowtalk

Birchbox – a great gift for someone who is a make-up and skincare fan (as long as they don’t already have this). The gift that gives month after month after month

Real Techniques Nic’s Pics – I love these brushes and have a lot of them in my personal and professional kit but I haven’t tried Nic’s pics and would love them (not just for their silver handles)

DrDennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel wipes – I’ve never tried anything by Dr Dennis but Caroline Hirons raves about these so I feel I really must give them a go. This is very me specific but if you know someone who’s been banging on about acid toning etc this could be a go-er.

Orbie – so many products that I want to try from this hair care range that is so popular with celebrities and hairstylists and celebrity hairstylists once again including but not limited to...
L’Occitane Magic Key – a great stocking filler if you live with a handcream obsessive 

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask – a real cult product now though very expensive 

Bobbi Brown Smokey Lash Mascara – this is the next mascara on my list. I can’t believe I’ve never tried a Bobbi Brown mascara

Origins - I'm a real sucker for Origins face creams and this is one I've yet to try.

NudeStix Magnetic Eye Colour Pencil – These are new and exclusive to Space NK in the UK. They look easy to use, long lasting and are suitable for those with oily lids. Angel, Twilight and Spirit look particularly gorgeous.

Pom Pom lights – I love fairy lights and all my moves over the years has depleted my supplies. I would love some plain yellow fairy lights for my kitchen but I’ve always yearned for some Pom Pom lights for my office if I ever have one worthy of them - nice pastel ones.

One Line a Day Five Year Diary – you’re either a diary writer or not. I am, or rather, I was but now I have a child I have let the diary writing lapse. But I love being able to look back and see what I was doing when. This diary means you just need one line a day

Friday Video - Quick Review - Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentrate

This is a favourite with make-up artists and I love it. But that doesn't mean you need to rush out and buy it...


Thursday 18 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - House Gifts and Friends of the Family

It's hard enough buying presents for people you know well at Christmas but quite often you need to buy something for a family friend or as a house gift when you are staying with people so here are some suggestions that should cover every eventuality.

Reindeer Nut Cracker – I love this so much that if I had my way it would stay out all year round. And it's useful - in my opinion you can never have too many nutcrackers.

Fox Doorstop - doorstops are one of those things I wouldn't have countenanced when I was younger but now I actually quite want but really don't want to spend money on. This is a lovely one. 

L’Occitane Handcream – I love the Shea Butter and the Almond best

Noble Isle Summer Rising Cornish Hedgerows – I love this. I like any kind of bath stuff but this would be my desert island one of choice. Please let this be in my stocking. 

For those with dogs...
Antlers – My dogs love these and no, no deers are harmed in the making of these. For those of you that don’t know, in March every year the deer shed their horns to grow new ones making them sustainable, ethical and eco friendly and completely smell free which when it comes to dog treats is a massive bonus. And they last for absolutely ages.

For the outdoorsy type:

Sheepskin Insoles – one thing that is guaranteed to make anyone miserable is cold feet and if you are outside a lot in winter and wear wellies then cold feet is what you are going to get. These are lovely as a stocking filler or a present for someone who has everything. Even if they have a pair of these they can use these in another pair of shoes!

Still can't find what you're looking for? Here are some of my favourite websites for gifts...

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - Children

I love getting given clothes for my son but if you are getting clothes and you know what sex the child is then it’s a matter of taste what you get. Baby Gap, Jo Jo Maman Bebe, Boden, Polarn O. Pyret are all reliably good.

JoJoMaman Bebe Slipper Socks – I already have these foxes for Ned for his stocking. He loves wearing these all year round.(they also come in cows, monkeys, pink stripe, blue stripe, rainbow, snowmen and reindeer)

Usborne Big Book of First English Words – Ned loved this book even before he could talk because of the lovely pictures and busy (toddler-proof) pages, he still loves it now he’s talking for learning new words, pointing out things and each page is so detailed it never gets boring. 

Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet – the first book that Ned loved and still loves 

Trotters sticker packs – Ned’s too small for a proper sticker book but he loves stickers. I bought him a plain excersise book and he loves to stick stickers in it but they aren’t that easy to find on their own. These packs are great and only £2.99 so a fab stocking filler for your own child or get with a fun plain paper book to go with the stickers for a friends child. Even if they already have stickers you can never have too many.

For slightly older kids...

Temporary Tattoos - great as a stocking filler and not to bulky if you need to post it. 

Map of the UK - my husband kept a similar jigsaw from when he was little and it's just lovely and easy to play with.
Carpenters Tool Box - Ned was given a plastic tool bench for Christmas last year and it's still one of his favourite toys and a major hit with all his friends. This looks like a lovely version.

Boden Hat and Scarf – I love these and Ned's now getting old enough to have in-put into what he's wearing and I'm sure he'd love these too

I’m as Big As Height Chart - this is so much fun as soon as the building work is finished on my house I'm getting one for my kitchen but it's of limited fun for me as I'm not growing anymore but lovely for children. Every house I've been to that has one of these the kids have loved it.
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