Wednesday 7 October 2009


I very nicely got sent some new Sure Women Maximum Protection deodorant to try out. I have been using the same deodorant for such a long time that I have to say it was a bit of a novelty to try out a new one (how exciting is my life!). Deodorants are so person specific once you get into it. Everyone has their preferences - spray, roll on, gel, scented, unscented let alone brand.

Sure Women Maximum Protection is a cream deodorant formulated with innovative TRIsolid body responsive technology to moisturise the skin, fight odour and give maximum wetness protection! It is supposed to give 48 hours protection - you apply it before going to bed (the TRisolid formula works best while the body is resting and builds a strong level of protection. This is supposed to last throughout the following day and is even showerproof.

This lightly scented deodorant does smell really nice and has a nice light application. I did find that it didn't last as long as it said however. I tried applying it post-bath before bed and found I was a little niffy half way through the next afternoon. I didn't mind this at all though (not the smelling... I do mind smelling). I actually like to sleep with no deodorant on if I've just had a bath - I think it's nice for my little pits to breathe a bit. So if you applied this in the morning it will definitely last all day and into the night with not a sign of wearing off, it has a nice light feel to it and should last a long time. Definitely worth a try xx

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