Monday 28 March 2016

March Giveaway Winners

You should all have received and email by now but if you haven't you can always contact me through here if you see your name below. Thank you so much for joining in and see you in April for the next one *wipes brow*

Boom Boom - Amanda Tanner
Room 43 - Natalie Baskerville
Maudie - Lucy G
Coop - Natalie Crossan
Dolly - Ruby Spiteri
Berry - Jules Eley
Peachy - Gemma Massey
Highway - Yasmine Choudhry

Friday 18 March 2016

Louise Young Blushers - Quick Review - Friday Video

These blushers have revolutionised the way I see colour, use blushers and approach make-up in general. An odd statement for a make-up artist maybe but that's how it is. They are all beautiful and wearable, I have them all, I wear them all. If you are reading this in March 2016 then you can win one, if not then follow the links below the video.


Monday 14 March 2016

Elemis Anti-ageing Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm – The Civilian Report

If there's anyone who's going to give an honest opinion about a product its Bree. I'm constantly asking her what she's using and what she thinks of it. This honesty makes her my go to guinea pig when I get sent something that I just can't try myself. That being said she's always banging on about the Elemis Cleansing balm so I asked her for a review. Here it is...

Elemis Anti-Ageing Pro-Collagen Cleansing BalmI must confess right up that I love Elemis stuff, without exception. It's just so damn pricey. Their Papaya Enzyme Peel is dreamy. Recommend. Anyway, when I made the move from my long-standing Deralogica habit to something else, Elemis was where I went. This Pro-Collagen stuff had lovely things said about it all over the Internet, like some hit HBO series, and so I took the plunge and bought a small jar. I now use it once daily before bed (in the interests of economy, using the very reliable Philosophy 3-in-1 cleanser in the mornings).

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

I love this powder. It's on the re-buy list so I was a little surprised when I thought I'd use the review as a #throwbackthursday post on Instagram and Twitter and discovered that I have never reviewed it! Since first using the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder 7 years ago it is one of my go-to products, my prized make-up possessions, something that I can't bear to run-out without a back-up to hand.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder When I first bought this it was to set the secret camouflage concealer that I had also got at the same time but which I never really loved. I always found it a bit cakey for me though I know many a devotee of it. But this, this I loved from the get-go and every similar product I've tried has just not really matched it. If you are someone who likes to set their under-eye corrector and concealer then this product could be for you.

It brightens without the use of shimmer so is fantastic for those of us who still show a bit of dark under the eyes even with a concealer. And it doesn't fall into, and therefore accentuate any creases which is the main problem I've found with every other under-eye setting powder I've tried.

And it seems to work on all skin types even though it's a white, light reflecting pigment there is no ashiness, if correctly applied... I've seen some internet disasters whilst researching this. What is make-up coming too? When will this female drag look go out of fashion and eyebrows go back to looking like brows not Sharpied on slugs? Rant, rant...


Friday 4 March 2016

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation - Quick Review - Friday Video

I was sent this foundation to try out and wasn't expecting much from it, but I now use it most days when I want the coverage of a foundation but nothing too heavy. I'd say this is, as it says, a light to medium coverage, with a lovely natural finish.

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation

Tuesday 1 March 2016

LMB Turns 10 - March Giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

Thank you so much to everyone who joined the giveaway last month. I have not 1 but 8 prizes this month so read the following carefully before you enter...

Louise Young blushers not only changed the way I use blusher but the way I think about colour. As blusher completely depends on personal preference and skin-tone you can choose which one you would like to win by leaving me a comment in the comments box below this post. If you don't have a preference you can say you'd like any of them.

When asking Louise about which colours best suited which skin tone her reply was 'I use them on all on everyone' and that's the beauty of these blushers. Some that may look to deep or too bright are actually very easy to use subtley so maybe now is the time to go for a colour you've never been brave enough to try.
Top Row l-r: Boom Boom, Room 43, Maudie, Coop. Bottom Row l-r: Dolly. Berry, Peachy and Highway

So a little description for you. Top row...

Boom Boom - pearlised soft pink powder
Room 43 - pearlised soft rose powder also great as a highlighter on the cheeks
Maudie - a soft matte peach powder that suits most skin tones
Coop - a matte coral powder

Bottom row...
Dolly - a pearlised pale pink
Berry - a warm natural cream blush
Peachy - a soft peach cream blush
Highway - great used as a bronzer or on olive skins

I will choose a winner on 27th March from entrants who subscribe to my YouTube channel. Don't forget to let me know which one you would like to win. Good Luck!

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