Monday 9 November 2009

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I heard a lot about Philip Kingsley Elastisizer before I tried it out and the hype was all true. One of the few conditioning treatments that you use before you wash your hair this adds stretchibility, bounce and shine, making a noticeable difference. In the two weeks that I've been using it my hair has become more manageable, looks in much better condition and I've had comments on how healthy and shiny its looking.

You can use this either as an intensive conditioning treatment or a quick 5 minute pick-me-up. Wet your hair and then before shampooing apply the Elasticizer in sections. If you have thick hair (I'm jealous) you can add all over, for those of us with finer hair apply from the mid lengths and ends. Then either put on the shower cap that's included and go and do something else for 10-20 minutes or just leave on for 5 mins and rinse. Then wash, dry and style your hair as normal.

My hair is dyed and damaged so I usually put the cap on and go and make my lunch (I wash my hair every other day before work) and the results speak for themselves. You can see why Philip Kingsley is renowned as one of the leading authorities in hair and scalp health. For me it's so nice to find an easy to use conditioning treatment that doesn't weigh my hair down and has an immediate affect. It's not cheap (£23.50 for 150ml) but I really think its worth every penny and you can probably find some cheaper deals if you search on the net a little. In these difficult financial times money spent on good hair products means less money spent getting your hair sorted out at the hairdresser!

What You Need to Know - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 

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