Thursday 27 September 2007

Where's my Stuff?

To compound my rage of yesterday (see below) my Benefit purchases still haven't turned up. They were due on the 24th. I'm going to have to track them down myself clearly xx

Wednesday 26 September 2007

Hell hath no fury like Miss B

Right - don't actually know what to do with myself I am so shocked and angry. My darling sister was walking the teeny walk home from her boyfriends house in Brixton last night when she was jumped from behind by a 'weedy middle aged' white guy who tried to take her handbag. I say tried because after punching her in the head she still held on to the bag and was giving as good as she got. Unfortunately for her this guy must be used to losing to women as his huge black friend (about 6'5") then appeared threw my sister to the ground where they proceeded to kick her. As she has stitches in her tummy at the moment she gave up the bag when the kicking ensued. The white guy, true to form, booted her a bit more after this.

I think any man who hits a woman should have his hands removed and my entire family would happily string these guys up by their testicles. And will if we see them. Thank god they didn't have any weapons and the police were apparently really great and took her looking for them afterwards. I pesonally hope she sees them with her two large male housemates, her large boyfriend and his large housemate. Fingers crossed.

So Misses you have been warned. If you live in Brixton (this happened in one of the residential roads of Railton Road towards Herne Hill) watch out for these two guys - they've tried to attack one of my friends before - and apparently they hide and jump you from behind. But wherever you live always be careful - carrying a rape alarm in your hand may feel silly most of the time but could be a valuable asset if you get attacked. Nowhere is safe anymore and although I know you are always advised to just hand over your stuff a) adrenaline kicks in and you want to hold on to it and b) who wants to live in a society where we should just hand my stuff over to anyone who thinks they can take it. Be careful of yourselves xx

Wednesday 19 September 2007

Spend, Spend, Spend

Right, having had to lovely weeks in the south of France I’m back and unfortunately making up for lost time on the spending front. I’ve also got a new Internet connection so forgive me if the posts are a bit sporadic. I did the usual pre-holiday shop getting L'Oreal Professional shampoo and I treated myself to A Perfect World by Origins which I'm loving. Miss F and I also tried the Foot Rest soothing foot soak which was lovely, but quite eucalyptus-y.
One of the best things about France, apart from the sun, swimming pools, good food and drink is Sephora. The shop that stocks so many different brands you would rarely have to go anywhere else. I was lucky to be on holiday with my parents and had vowed not to spend so I had to limit myself to Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm which was only €9 and my absolute favourite lip treatment. I had to resist the Two Faced Beauty Balm, eye shadow and Frosted Lip Injection and had promised myself some new Bad Gal and the only thing Sephora lacks is Benefit. Which is what led to my downfall…
Two minutes back with the Internet and I’ve not only bought Bad Gal Eye Liner but also You're Bluffing correcting stick and then today Some Kind-a Gorgeous. I’m supposed to be conserving funds for a trip to Topshop tomorrow to spend my birthday voucher from my sister and I just know that that is going to lead to a clothing frenzy but no – products on the Internet are paid for with seemingly pretend money so I got a bit carried away. I will keep you posted on how they go.
Something else which I’m pretty sure is at its best in France is soap. The women in my family literally could barely shut their cases for soap (Papa B had to take a firm hand to mine). For as cheap as €1.50 you can great delicious smelling Provencal soap which is great for presents but I have actually ended up keeping about 6 of mine. I haven't bought anything from this website (I'm fully stocked) but it seems to have a great range and be the real deal .
As wonderful as France was after two weeks away you do find that you miss out on so much news and you haven’t seen your friends for years. You also miss out on the latest gossip be it celebrity or more home grown. Sadly, whilst we were away Luciano Pavarotti and Anita Rodick died and OJ Simpson seems to have got himself in to trouble again. As for Amy Winehouse; will she ever get help? Surely she can see that having public slanging matches with your husband and have suspiciously bloodied toed shoes is too far. I love her but I wish that she would grow up slightly. I know that she has a drug problem but as far as her marriage is concerned they should both realise that they've made an adult decision so they should act like adults.
Right lecture over. I'm off to sit by the letterbox and wait for my Benefit goodies. xx


Monday 17 September 2007


Bonjour ma petite mademoiselle's. I'm sorry for the rather extended silence but have just returned from the family holiday in Marseilles which was heavenly but t'internet and therefore blog-less. Having topped up my tan before the onslaught of English autumn and completely missed the Indian Summer I'm ready to get back to it on the reviewing front. Let me know if there is anything specific you'd like looked at. Meanwhile just a little something to keep you going. Have started to swear by putting Vaseline on my feet before my socks most mornings. It really clears up any dry or cracked skin and makes them baby smooth. I was told to do this at night but frankly the thought of wearing socks in bed is, to me, not pleasant (anyway I know that for some reason I always seem to remove them in my sleep) xxx
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