Monday 26 October 2009

Primed and Ready - Laura Mercier Eye Basics and Benefit's F.Y.Eye

I'm a big fan of primers. OK I'm a big fan of all make-up for some reasons primers are something I never get bored of trying. I think it's because I thought they were just another rouse by make-up companies to get me to spend money but then I found some that actually did make a difference. It should come as no surprise then that I've been testing out another one.

I wear quite a lot of eyeliner and find that this can stain my lids. I have been using Benefit's F.Y..eye (£17) which I just love the texture of (it leaves your eyes feeling silky smooth) and it does take the lids back to their natural colour. However, it does occasionally let those evil creases appear (which I hate). I did think that this was just inevitable but have now found something which defies the crease!Laura Mercier Eye Basics

Laura Mericer's Eye Basics creates a perfect canvas for your eye make-up - enhancing the durability of it and camouflaging imperfections. Not only that but the skin friendly ingredients soothe your lids and provide healing benefits and anti-oxidant protection for this delicate skin area. It comes in different shades - I've been using Linen which I thought would be too light but is actually perfect.

The primer itself blends easily and drys smooth leaving a semi-matte finish that is crease proof and water resistant. For those of you who brave the world with a minimal amount of make-up this is great on it's own as a natural colour for your eyes.

I have really noticed the difference in the staying power of my eye make-up since I started using this. It comes highly recommended from me - definitely worth a try (and available here) xx

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