Thursday 21 October 2010

Cold Snap

Now I'm not a weather woman but I knew a while ago that we were expecting this cold snap. Not because I'm a genius but because the skin on my legs has been unbearably itchy and sore. I've been moisturising twice a day and (grossly) shaving as little as possible (we have a puppy... husband is having no chance to look at my legs) but it's still driving me mad. Most moisturisers I've used have stopped the itching for about 5 minutes and then it's back with a vengeance. I got desperate enough to search my cupboards which are full to bursting with different things I've bought on a whim and to my joy found a full bottle of Dove Intensive Body Lotion for extra dry skin and it's been working wonders.
It combines oil and cream so it's non-greasy, easily absorbed and hydrating. My skin had been feeling so tight and scaly and no feels soft and well, normal, hours after I've applied it. For me in winter this is unheard of. Even old favourites like Nivea Soft which I usually can't live without just weren't working. If you too are suffering then please try this. I'm a massive fan of This Works Dry Leg Oil too but a) it is oil so you really need to give it time to be absorbed - not ideal for using before work or bed b) it's much more expensive (around £30 for 120ml). This is a great, non-pricey fix to that horrible winter skin itch xx

Tuesday 5 October 2010


I think I would recommend getting a puppy to anyone contemplating children. I am exhausted. Little Mouse does not like being left alone at night and therefore howls the whole time. We have been getting 3-4 hours sleep since we got her. I got told I looked like a harrassed new mother when I came into work this morning. Luckily she is incredibly sweet. xx

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