Tuesday 29 September 2020

Pip & Lil

I get asked what reusuable, sustainable cotton pads I recommend, a lot. Not just for those who are conscious of waste but for anyone with sensitivity who find flannels too much for their skin, often reusable face wipes are a game changer. And I've tried a fair few in my time and they have made a huge difference to my face but also the ones from Pip & Lil are by far and away the best I've tried. They are incredibly soft, wash well (without any shrinking), and are handmade by Sarah from her home in South London. 



Friday 25 September 2020

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Peacci Nail Varnish

It's rare for me to get excited by a nail varnish. Frankly I'm rubbish at applying them and they always chip but there is a new nail polish in town (well new to me... they could have been around a while and I am in love). 

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