Friday 28 August 2020

Empties 4 (August 2020)

It's been a while and in fact, this has been on my phone waiting for editing since June but here are my latest empties. All products listed below.

LimeLife Raining Zen Shower Gel Clarins Eau Dynamisante LimeLife Sotoks Faith in Nature Jojoba Conditioner LimeLife Mascara Urban Decay Setting Spray Garden of Wisdom Hyaluronic Acid The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter Garden of Wisdom Azelaic Acid NYX HD Eyeshadow Base Natural Deodorant Company

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Some links are affiliate links which means I will get a small commission if you click through and buy from them. There is no extra cost to you and if you are not comfortable with that then do feel free to open a separate window and google the product for yourself. If it is an affiliate link it usually means I've taken the time to find the best price available at the time of posting.

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Duo Liner

 I'm a bit obsessed with eye liners, you may have noticed, and couldn't resist trying these as soon as they came out. I went for Mesmerising Maroon and Copper Charge as they are the ones most likely to suit my green eyes, and the blue and green versions have pretty much been sold out ever since! 

As with most of CT's eye makeup these are designed to flatter certain eye colours and I love a coloured liner to bring out your eye colour without looking too full-on. Also they are great for adding a bit of colour for glasses wearers and those with hooded lids. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Duo Liner


Monday 17 August 2020

What happens to the skin when you go through the Menopause?

Our skin can change so much during menopause but it's often overlooked as something that 'happens to all women' and we must just get on with. Going to your GP can help, as soon as you feel an inkling of peri-menopause go and talk to them. The right GP will help you navigate this time as its different for everyone. And here's what you need to know about your skin during the menopause. 



Monday 3 August 2020

Sebaceous Filaments

It's so easy to get these confused with blackheads and they are very similar. A black head is a sort of keratin/sebum/dirt plug that's formed in the pore or hair follicle that has oxidised and turned black. A sebaceous filament are supposed to be there - they help lubricate the skin and are just more prominent in some skins than others. They look like a white, grey or yellow tiny thin hair like strand.

Your face is covered in tiny, fine hairs and there is a sebaceous gland attached to each hair follicle. Sebum helps keep bacteria out of the hair follicle and keeps the skin healthy. Sebaceous filaments are often more visible when there is an overproduction of sebum.
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