Monday 29 June 2009

Revlon Falsies

I hate wearing false nails. I'm quite lucky, my nails do chip and fall off sometimes but I can grow my own talons sometimes so I never use fake nails as I don't want to upset my own too much. I also just have memories of sticking my fingers together and the nails flipping off every ten minutes and having to be glued back on.

Not so the new Revlon false nails. They are easy to apply and even easier to file to suit your nail shape and they are rock solid - these babies are not going anywhere. With new glitter designs such as Minx which I tried these are great for a little boost on the finger front. The only annoying thing was removing them - you are instructed to hold your hands in acetone based nail varnish remover until the nails dissolve and not remove them by taking them off yourself. I found it much easier to soak them for a bit and then pull them off. I think I would have grown old if I'd waited for them to dissolve off. I did it for half an hour and they were only dissolved a little bit. The ones I pulled off came off completely and nearly two weeks later I still have remnants of the ones I let dissolve on my nails!!

This does mean however, that these puppies have staying power and are definitely worth a try if you are a fan of falsies.They don't have the new 'Runway' designs available in the UK yet but fantastic red, natural or french manicured so you still have some variety. I think the red ones look fantastic xx

Thursday 18 June 2009

Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers

The sale is on for the coolest underwear around go to for awesome deals on the most beautiful underwear London can offer xx

Monday 15 June 2009

Lulu Guinness

This year marks the Lulu Guinness's 20th anniversary so I nipped down to their newly revamped shop on Ellis Street off Sloane Street to see their latest goodies and hear about how they'll be celebrating 20 years in the business. The shop looks fantastic - clean lines, fresh simple colours, the perfect backdrop for the beautiful bags and accessories. The cherry on the cake was a fantastically innovative display cabinet with the most intricate bags on little shelves that rotate. You get given a pre-programmed iphone and you can select which bag you want to hear about and Lulu herself talks you through what she loves about the design.

What I love about Lulu Guinness is the variety of designs and colours. From the simple to the fantastic every taste is covered. The traditional floral print and lipstick designs are fully evident. The now iconic lip clutches are brought out in a different colour every season. This season it's orange and I love them - it's like a lip rainbow and they are the perfect size and texture, you just have to squeeze them. The beautiful deep floral prints are available in bed linen, spreads and cushions - the perfect dramatic touch to any bedroom. There are also the more unusual designs - beautifully stitched spreads with butterflies and birds - you can't resist touching them. My favourite bed sets were the circus design - the ideal present for god daughter who has everything.

Lulu is best known for her handbags but there are also limited edition fragrances available. Although these are no longer being produced they are still available in certain stores so if you are keen to have a special scent these are for you. Lulu's signature scent is really floral and fresh really lovely if you are working all day and going out in the evening - perfect for both occasions and the bottle is fantastic. Cast a Spell by Lulu Guinness is a much deeper scent. I really love this one - it is vampy but still keeps the beautiful floral edge - good for those who like a bit of zing and of course the bottle will look fantastic on your dressing table!

The bags, of course, are just beautiful. It took all my strength to leave without the Sun blush leather medium Romilly bag or the silver snakeskin lips clutch which would be perfect with any evening outfit. But I wasn't just tempted by the bags (or the beautiful purses - medium flat frame sun blush crinkle patent purse please!!) the jewellery is fantastically glam and quirky. The pave crystal lip stud earrings are just the right size and can really jazz up a black outfit.

But it's not just Lulu who's celebrating. You can too - the sale is on now is your chance to pick up a bargain that you will have with you forever! xx

Monday 8 June 2009

Diorshow Waterproof Mascara

I got a bit carried away at Barbados airport. I still maintain it wasn't my fault - I didn't expect to wait three hours for our next flight. I bought some Diorshow waterproof mascara. It's wonderful but a bit clumpy - I think I'd be really sad if I used it and didn't have an eyelash comb. It does everything it is supposed to though - it lenghtens, it thickens, it is the closest I've come to wearing false eyelashes without, well, wearing false eyelashes.

The second purchase was a bit of an impulse. We were about to fly so all my make-up was packed in the hold and I had been reading 'Hello' and was feeling a little sloppy and shiny! Diorskin powder compact comes in a lovely package and is really good powder but it's important to get the right colour so you don't see it all over your face.

What You Need to Know - Diorshow Waterproof Mascara
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