Tuesday 24 November 2020

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Beauty

Beauty gifts are lovely, but getting the right one for the right person can be tricky. I've tracked down some of my favourites. 
  • Blasta Henriet - these eye pillows are Weighted and unscented eye pillows with removable covers which you can either heat in the microwave and oven, or cool in the freezer. It's a great way to soothe tired eyes, block out unwanted light and help deepen your relaxation. It relieves tired eyes and eases migraines 
  • Natasha Denona chromium eye colour - this has been on my list for a while but I can't decide between Dogbane and Dragonfly. Really fun and unusual as either a present in itself of a lovely stocking filler 

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Children

As always I'm going to try and keep these to as many small businesses as possible - most of these are either things my kids have and love or businesses I have bought from. 

Blue Bowl - you could do all your Christmas shopping from this one shop, everything from stocking fillers to vintage books. 

Button & Squirt - we have three of these packs and a colouring box and the boys love them. Jack in particular likes to play a game of 'Can you find...' most Mondays when they other two go into school. They have great stocking fillers and toys and the customer service is fab. 

Bernie and the Beanpole - one of my favourite places to get the boys pyjamas. They last so well, are well sized and I love the patterns.  

Humphries & Begg - they do gorgeous things for grown-ups and now they also do clothes for littles. 

Bear & Babe- I love these for my boys, especially the rompers which sadly I now think mine are too big for though they all still wear their leggings. These are my go-to newborn baby present and gifts for godchildren.

Cotton Twist - great stocking fillers and also fantastic presents for posting. Easy to do craft kits at varying stages so there's pretty much something for all children here. 

Rex London - one of the first places i go to when I'm starting to do the boys stockings. Though it's not completely plastic-free there's lots of more eco-friendly options. 


Tuesday 10 November 2020

Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Home & Garden

These are my top picks for home and garden, as the name suggests. I've tried to keep things to small businesses and things that are easily posted as Christmas is going to be a little unusual this year. But then there's a few things that you may want to just get for yourself because... 2020. 

  • Beeswax Wraps - I loved this company when it launched and I love it still. Such an easy plastic swap and you can get beeswax bars to freshen up your old wraps. I have loads myself but these little ones look great and if you were making little presents for friends one of these, a LimeLife eye liner and a Spacemask would be perfect. 
  • Becky Bettesworth - I love these vintage-style prints and that this small business has become such a success. I have two of these in on my office wall and I adore them. 
  • Flower_frog
    Flower frogs - flower lovers, this is the gift you didn't know you needed makes cut flowers stand up in a vase and flower arranging so much less annoying. Makes a great house gift or stocking filler, I love mine. 
  • Quilt - this has, I think, made it onto my Christmas wishlist for the last three years . I'm fairly sure that it would be destroyed by the dogs or children within a week but they just look so incredible. 
  • Martha and Lily - beautiful prints that are lovely to send to friends. Choose from one of her designs or she can do something just for you. 
  • Bird feeder - I really like the look of these on-the-window bird feeders and think the boys would love them on their bedroom windows so these might be a great present for godchildren.  You can get a house shape or a round one. I think I like the round one... 

Friday 6 November 2020

Jao Brand Lip Jao - LMB Cult 60


Why I think you should know about it? - it's the best lip balm. That is all. 

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