Friday 31 May 2013

Pixiwoo and Caroline Hirons - Friday Video

I'm going to be reviewing a lot of products soon that I'm trying out thanks to watching this video with Caroline Hirons. She is incredibly down-to-earth, knowledgeable and has the most amazing skin to back it up. Her blog is addictive - I no longer buy any beauty products without checking it first


Thursday 30 May 2013


SkineticaA couple of weeks ago when I first used Skinetica I thought it didn't work but that's because I was using it on my post-baby hormonal skin. When I'd stopped breastfeeding and had got my life back a bit I tried it on a whopper that was brewing and it worked. Fluke, I thought. But no. It's worked on every spot I've had in the last three months no matter whats stage they are at when I've applied it.
s my Product of the Week. When I first used

This is by far and away the best spot treatment I've ever used. Fact. It's really good. Worth the £9.99 (for 80ml) price tag. It is kind to skin - and has the Dermatest certificate to prove it - and as it is not an oil or a cream it doesn't coat your skin but allows it to breath. It is suitable for all skin types and tones and, as long as you leave it to dry before applying your mosituriser and base, this won't effect your make-up routine either.

If you are like me and just suffer from the odd break-out or if you have a more ongoing problem try this and let me know what you think.

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Skinetica - Product of the Week

Here is the first in a new weekly post which will give my Product of the Week be it an old faithful or something brand spanking new it'll just be the thing I'm loving most at the time. It'll be short and sweet not a full on technical review just the product and why I love it.

As I mention in my disclaimer I don't really like to write bad reviews on here because what doesn't work on me may be fantastic on someone else but sometimes companies ask for your feedback and I want to give my honest opinion. When I had just had Ned Glossybox sent out Skinetica and then asked our opinion on their website. Having babies makes you hormonal in all sorts of ways and mine was manifesting in spots and rage. Skinetica did not get rid of my spots (because they were baby related) and this made me angry so I waited for the baby to nap and then went on the Glossybox survey and said how crap it was.

Then I stopped breastfeeding, got my life back and my skin started going back to normal. I got a normal spot, used Skinetica and it disappeared. Almost instantly. And it's worked on every spot ever since and I don't know what I'd do without it. Kind to skin, great size and reasonably priced at £9.99 for a spot treatment that really works.

So it is my first Product of the Week really worth having in your washbag.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Make Up For Ever Full Cover

Once you get over the horrible post-baby hormonal 'ugh they're growing up too fast' phase you start to get excited about who this baby might be. Then you forget about that and realise they are contrary little buggers and will be completely different every day depending on their mood and you just have to sit it out. I'm lucky, Ned is usually charming and cuddly and generally a delight. He is also a splasher.
Make Up For Ever Full Cover Waterproof Concealer
I don't know why this is a surprise - he's always loved kicking in the bath but when we first went to baby swimming it soon became clear that unless I was going to let him splash the water with both hands all the time he would get upset and scream. Rather than it being a lovely bonding experience where I got to meet other mums it is now a sodden ordeal where I stand at the back of the pool by myself getting soaked and trying to hear what the teacher is saying over the squeals of delight coming from Ned as he drenches us both. The other mums look serene by the end... I look like a drowned rat.

I don't really mind - he seems to love it and that's great but I'm not one of those people who can go completely make-up-less. I just can't do it. So to avoid embarrassment I've had to track down the best waterproof products possible and although I'm wearing the bare minimum, concealer and mascara were an absolute necessity and everything I've been trying out is really getting put through its paces

Concealer was first on the list (I stupidly thought I could get away with smudge-proof mascara, waterproofs slightly gentler cousin) and Make Up For Ever seemed to be the recommended brand of choice. Full Cover isn't quite as full-on as the name implies. I'm happy to go without foundation but I do like to have a bit of coverage under my eyes and around my nose and this does provide the perfect level of coverage for what I need. I am quite dark under the eyes and this works to conceal the worst of it - I was expecting something really thick so I was really pleased this was much more buildable than I'd imagined.

It lasts fantastically and really does survive the drenching I get in the pool - I haven't tried it full on swimming but I think I actually get wetter going with Ned than I do when I go to do my old lady lane swimming. In fact, waterproof or not I really like this concealer but, as with a lot of Make Up For Ever products the price is a little eye watering - £23.15 for 15ml but for reliable waterproofing it is worth the money and you shouldn't need to use too much. It is incredibly blendable though so best to apply it with a brush so you can get the coverage you want and need exactly where you want it without blending it out too much.

Monday 20 May 2013

Dior Gel Top Coat

Dior Gel Top CoatRegular readers of this blog will know that I find it hard to properly review nail varnish because I always chip it. It's definitely me and not the products - though some of them are clearly worse than others - but I've worn varnishes that have been guaranteed to be chip-proof and they've lasted two days. I think its a combination of the way I apply it and the fact that I hold no mercy once it's on. I type using the end of my nails and cook for hours in the evenings which seems to result in a few bald patches by the end of the night. Nail varnish does last a bit longer for me if I have it applied professionally so I do try and take a colour to a professional to get it put on before I review it - it seems unfair to rate a product on my shoddy workwomanship.

There are some top coats that I know are better than others but whether they will ever get a look in after trying Dior's new Gel Top Coat is doubtful. Not only does this give a lovely, almost plastic-looking thick, curved, finish but even I had fewer chips and holes than usual. Even when they do get holes in them the rest of the nail still looks as shiny as when you first applied it - the wearing off of the shine from a topcoat is something I find particularly annoying. Next time I can afford it I'm going to take this for a professional manicure and see how long my nails last.

This looks stunning - an absolute must for all nail fetishists and a fantastic present for a friend who always has her nails done. Not cheap at £18 but for the professional finish it gives think of the money you'll save on reapplication and manicures!

Thursday 16 May 2013

Avon Supershock Liner

Avon Supershock Gel Liners
Black, Flash, Aqua Pop and Khaki
In my school year book one of the things I was most remembered for was black eyeliner - I still wear it all the time. How then have I lived for so long without Avon's Supershock Gel Liner? Not only is this a fantastically easy to use waterproof pencil but it goes straight onto the waterline and stays there. OK so it probably won't last all day, but it will last a very long time, much longer than any other liner I've tried (and that's a lot).

It gives you a properly black waterline, top and bottom, and it's easy to apply. As with all Avon products this is incredibly reasonably priced, usually £6 it is £2.99 at the moment and it's now available in five new colours - Khaki Shimmer, Silver, Flash, Steel and this seasons must have blue, Aqua Pop.

Black, Flash, Aqua Pop and Khaki
Most days on my top lid I like to use a kohl so a softer, smudgier look. This is not the product for that although if you are quick you can smudge and wing it a bit, but what is particularly great about his product is that often with kohl's they can rub off from the inner corner - a little bit of Supershock over the top will last the whole day.

I cannot tell you how fantastic this product is - I'm going to do a vlog on it soon - the only thing I will say is that looking at the reviews online it seems this may not be ideal on the waterline for contact lens wearers. I can't confirm this - may have to try it out on my contacts-wearing husband at some point.

In fact I loved it so much I bought four for my kit - black, flash (a sort of shimmery pink which would also be great on the waterline to make eyes look bigger), khaki and Aqua Pop. I love them all - just fantastic eyeliners.

What You Need to Know - Avon Supershock Gel Liner
  • £6
  • 4 Shades available
  • Waterproof
  • Available from Avon

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face BrushMy new absolute favourite - I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this brush. As an avid watcher of the Pixiwoo girls I'd seen the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush in action plenty of times but somehow imagined it to be bigger than it actually is and thought I would stick with my trusty stippling brush - I have more brushes than anyone needs, even I couldn't come up with an excuse for buying it. But then I wanted bought the Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush (also amazing and highly recommended) and got the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush on a whim at the same time.

It is the perfect size for a foundation brush, it makes application incredibly quick, easy to get a flawless finish and its the perfect shape and size to get under the eyes and round the nose. Not only is it fantastic for doing the base but you can also use it for shaping and sculpting the face and applying blusher and highlighter. This may well be my desert island brush. It is incredibly well priced at about £9.99, with synthetic bristles it can be used with creams and powders and is also easy to clean - if you have trouble applying foundation, contours or are just in the market for an excellent new brush this is the one to go for.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2017: I now have two for my kit and one for me. It's still my favourite brush for foundation application on my own face and clients. And it's now £11.99

What You Need to Know - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush 
  • £11.99 though often on offer as there are newer brushes in the range 
  • Synthetic fibres 
  • Use for creams or powders - foundation, blusher and sculpting
  • Easy to clean
  • Cruelty free
  • Available from Look Fantastic, Boots,
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