Monday 3 December 2012


OK this is a brief post while the boys are out and I've actually got a moment to switch on my laptop, and it's definitely not going to do these mascara's and eyeliners justice but they would be fantastic Christmas presents so I wanted to get them on here as soon as I can.
Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara
Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara

Just before I gave birth I ordered some Eyeko Fat Brush mascara to cheer myself up, it actually arrived when I got home from the hospital so was perfect for making me look less pasty and dreadful. It is a completely amazing mascara, I loved it so much I bought the Skinny Brush mascara for my mum. They really do what they say - the Fat Brush makes my lashes look longer the Skinny brush makes sure every lash is coated and they are properly black. My only problem with them is they are quite tricky to remove but that's the price you pay for smudge proof mascara and a little extra time spent removing your makeup properly is probably a good thing where your skin is concerned (as long as you are using the right products - I use Bioderma).

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner
Eyeko Black Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
With each mascara you get a mini shield - basically a plectrum for those of you who are guitar savvy - you hold it behind the lashes on your lid and it means you can apply your mascara without fear of splodging it on your eyelid and ruining your makeup. A really great idea.

Eyeko are now doing fantastic Skinny Liquid Eyeliner pens, not only in black but in other really colours that are really intense, completely smudge proof and incredibly easy to use. Again I really can't fault them.

I'm desperately trying to resist buying the new Black Magic Mascara and the green eye pen. 
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