Friday 29 June 2012

Golden Smokey Eye on a Budget - Friday Video

OK so if you were to go and buy everything I use in this video it would cost you £112 which doesn't seem very budget but that includes moisturiser, foundation, concealer, a contour kit and two eye shadow palettes which you can use for a whole lot of other looks. Any recommendations for cheaper mascara's and lip glosses greatly appreciated.

I don't like everything I've tried from Collection (as Collection 2000 now seems to be called) but their Lasting Perfection Foundation and concealer are really worth trying.

Products used:

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream - £7.50
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation (Biscuit) - £5.99
Sleek Makeup Primer Palette - £7
Sleek Makeup i-divine Storm palette - £6.49
Collection 2000 felt tip liner - £2.99
Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara - £8.99
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Medium) - £4.19
Sleek Makeup Contour Kit (light) - £6.50
Maybelline Dream Soft Blush - £6.49
Natural Collection Pressed Powder (Warm) - £1.99
Smooch Lipgloss - It's Peachy - £7.50
Avon Glimmerstick (Blackest Black) - £3 (usually £6)

All brushes are Real Techniques

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Front Cover Micro Rainbow Eyes

I have to confess that every time I look at this in its box I feel incredibly guilty. Almost a year ago I went to a lovely launch for the new look of Front Cover and tried out lots of things and took away Micro Rainbow Eyes to try and then... well I never tried it. I was always too busy or trying something else and then it got to being so far from the launch that I felt bad just even looking at them so they've been hidden away in my box of things to try.

But today I was bored and wanted to try something new so I finally got a grip and tried them out and I really wish I had done it sooner. I've done a bright blue flick ontop of my usual black one and it was pretty easy to do if a little time consuming.

I've always been slightly put off by the Front Cover plasticy packaging which makes it look a bit... well teenage I think but I really love the ideal of affordable makeup that follows trends and is easy to carry and store and the idea that you should be able to get professional looking results with a minimum of stress. They have advice from makeup artists on the ipackaging and show you exactly how to use each product with pictures which is a big help for those who may be a bt anxious to try out something new. They also do collections - whole boxes with everything for eyes, lips and cheeks so all the colours work together and you have everything you need in one place.

I haven't tried all of these but I have tried their Micro Rainbow Eyes kit which now seems to have been replaced by a larger Rainbow Eyes kit. The really unique thing about this kit is Shadowline - a clear liquid liner that you can use with any eyeshadow to make a precision liquid liner of that colour. As you can see from the pictures my micro kit came with 9 colours and was handbag size which is convenient but probably unnecessary as it should stay on all day. But I do love the variety and the clear liner is a fantastic idea. You can buy it on it's own from Boots for £8 and, as far as I know, it works with every powder shadow you could have. I also like the little gold pouch which makes this a lovely little present for a girlfriend... or it would if they still did it.

The new bigger kit features 20 colours (including a few matte) as well as the Shadowline and other applicators. It's not that affordable though at £31.50 I slightly wonder why, if it's so useable with all powder shadows, would you spend this much on these specific ones. Will it seal off the shadows making them hard to use? Of course the variety of colour is always nice to have in a palette and I haven't tried the powders so I'm not sure what the pigment payoff is like but it does seem a shame they are not doing the smaller palette option anymore. However, it has 19, mostly five star reviews on the boots website and is currently out of stock so there are obviously a lot of fans out there. I'm definitely going to try the Shadowline out with my other powder shadows to see if it works, and if it seals them. Have you tried it? Let me know...

Thursday 21 June 2012

Osmo Berber Oil

A little treat from my Glossybox a couple of months ago and I've been wanting to review it because I LOVE it but I'm not quite sure what to say.

Travel size Berber Oil
Berber oil is a sort of hair rehab with Argan oil to restore, strengthen and nourish sad hair like mine. One thing I found intriguing, and slightly hard to really prove, is that it contains Vitamin E which reduces drying time so less heat damage to your hair. I mean, my hair seems to be drying quicker but I'm not sure whether I just think it is or if it's the oil. It is definitely silkier, smoother, easier to manage and drys so nicely I haven't really been needing to do too much straightening or styling. My hair also seems thicker, something I was worried about, putting oil on fine hair can sometimes be a disaster, but that could just be this baby I'm making.

You can put it on dry hair but I've been using it when my hair is damp from the shower, before blow drying. You only need a little and I wouldn't advise putting it on the roots unless you are one of those lucky people with amazing thick hair.

It's also incredibly reasonably price - the small Berber Oil 10ml - Travel Size bottle for around £2.50 (perfect for in the washbag - you won't need any other hair treatments whilst travelling) and the Berber Oil 100ml for £11.50. I really recommend trying this out. I was completely unconvinced by hair oils until I tried this out.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Chanel Vitalumier Aqua

Due to the extreme cost it's rare that I'll buy a Chanel product unless I have a specific wedding or event coming up that I need to use it for or I've tried it out and decided I can't live without it. The Vitalumier Aqua foundation falls into the second category and so I decided to treat myself and for a while I wondered if I'd done the wrong thing.

The first couple of times I used this it seemed almost too watery and not very perfecting at all. My red blotches seemed to glare through and I was quite disappointed. However, I persevered and with a good shake before use this foundation has become one of my absolute favourites.

Once you've shaken it you only need a small amount of this is an ultra-fine foundation to give great but light coverage with a lovely dewy finish. Easy to apply and working almost as a second skin, it perfects and evens the complexion with a lovely finish. I really recommend trying this if you want an everyday Chanel foundation but, as with all the higher-end brands, I recommend going to a Chanel counter and trying out before you buy. If I'm trying something out I will do my eye makeup as I want it for the day, go to the counter ask them to put the foundation on my (making sure I'm happy with the colour choice before it goes all over!) and then wear it for the rest of the day to make sure I'm really happy with it.

The packaging for this foundation is also different to a lot of the other Chanel foundations and although it's very plasticy I actually think it's a lot lighter, and therefore travel friendly, and the lid is more secure. For £32 I originally expected a little bit more on the packaging front but I'm away a lot at weekends so actually this suits me down to the ground, and I guess it is one of their cheaper foundations. Still slightly eye-watering, but then you are paying for that name.

What You Need to Know - Chanel Vitalumier Aqua

Thursday 14 June 2012

Wayne Goss Chanel Rant

I'm just about to sit down and write a review on Chanel's Vitalumier Aqua (which I love) and I watched this new video from one of my favourite (and most trusted) makeup artists and I'm now considering a Chanel boycott until this can be explained... If you don't already you should watch and subscribe to his YouTube channel it's fantastic


Wednesday 13 June 2012

Embryolisse Baume Riche

I love Embryolisse. Their Lait Creme Concentrate, Hydra-Mat Emulsion and Lotion Micellaire are constants in my professional kit and now I've been trying out their new Baume Riche a rich cold cream that acts like a balm for very dry, sensitive skin.

Embryolisse Baume RicheThe first thing you notice (apart from the lovely packaging) is the amazing smell - always a bonus with any product. You really don't need to use very much of this - a little goes a long way and you don't want to waste any of this as it's not cheap. Baume Riche is incredibly hydrating and sits on the skin for a while so I like to use it at night almost as a mask - I can still feel it on my skin in the morning. Having used it for a week my terrible skin has cleared up a lot; the redness has nearly gone and the spots are much less present.

I'm not saying this is a miracle spot-removing cream but I'm pretty sure that along with hormones, my bad skin has been caused by incredible dryness and this seems to be really helping. The dry, flaky skin on my chin which has been present since about week 6 of my pregnancy is gone and only a bit of easily-coverable redness remains. I will update this review if any of that changes over time when I'm using, or not using this product, it's hard to tell whether it's this or just bodily changes but I'm pretty confident that the incredible turn-around in my skin in the last week that I've started using Baume Riche is no coincidence.

I really recommend splashing the cash (£21.95 for 40ml is quite steep) and trying this out if you have dry skin - this could really turn it around. It also makes a lovely present for a girlfriend.

What You Need to Know - Embryolisse Rich Balm

Monday 11 June 2012

Veet Sensitive Skin Wax Strips

I try not to post anything negative on here so I'd like to start by saying these did remove hair... they did, however, remove slightly more skin than hair which I'm afraid forced my hand into writing a bad review.

I've had these at home wax strips lying around for a while waiting to be used but as I go to my trusty waxer every month I've never really needed to use them. However, since being pregnant getting my bikini line waxed is like a form of extreme torture and paying £25 for the privileged and having to trek all the way over there seemed just a step too far so I thought I'd finally try the Veet strips in the comfort of my own bathroom.

I know that being pregnant makes your skin more sensitive and likely to bruise but I was happy for that if it meant I could be hair-free in my own home. I also thought that as these strips were for sensitive skin they would probably be OK... I've been waxing for years and never had any problems. The strips were apparently fine to use when pregnant and fine to use on the bikini line... I did check.

The strips themselves are very easy to use. You rub them in between your hands to warm the wax up and then apply them to wherever it is you want to use them. I was doing my bikini line. Rub the strip repeatedly in the direction your hair is growing and then pull the strip back on itself fast and holding the skin taught to avoid discomfort.

I did all of this and it hurt a bit, as you would expect, but no more than getting waxed in the salon. Except it hurt for a long time afterwards. Then it started to bleed. I didn't do anymore. The next day the patch was bright red, green and blue. Three days later all the skin was coming off. Now I was prepared for pain, I was prepared for slight bruising but I was not prepared for blood and the skin falling off. Nearly a week later and it's still peely.

I would think these are probably OK to use on your legs. Probably. But I would do a test strip and see if your skin is still there three days later.
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