Monday 30 March 2009

White Teeth

Having spoken to another bride-to-be I've decided to get my teeth whitened. She was really pleased with the results and I've always suffered from patchy, stainy teeth. As I've been using the wedding as a goal to sorting myself out I decided to give it ago. It's not cheap at £350 but you do get gum shields that you should be able to use for life and a plaster cast in case you need to make new shields for any reason. The whitening gel costs £15 a syringe and I find a syringe lasts 6ish days. When you start you get five syringes and a syringe of gel to stop any sensitivity.

And I'd really say I (so far) feel like I've got my monies worth. My teeth are looking so much better and I actually feel so much more confident about them (they're quite big!). They have been quite sensitive. I've been using Sensodyne tooth paste and have had two or three moments with serious sensitivity in one tooth. However, this was only for five seconds at a time and I used the sensitivity gel twice in all so it really hasn't been a problem for me. Now they've been whitened I've got to get to get the front filling re-done to match the new teeth (I fainted on concrete and lost half my front tooth). I don't hate the dentist but I really, really hate injections. I'm a bit nervous.

I've done it for a month so now I'm waiting to see how they even up. You have to wait for a week or so to let the bleach settle out of the teeth so you can really see how the whitening has worked. Really want to get the filling colour right - the less dentist the better I think. People have been telling me that my teeth look great (I'm a bit worried after watching a certain episode of Friends but I've been told I'm not there yet). So far so good. I have to say I'm really surprised that I'm doing this... it's really not the usual thing I do. And I'm so pleased it's working xx

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Caudalie Beauty Elixir and MAC Fix+

Some people (naming no names) use hairspray to fix their make-up to their face. I am not one of these although I have tried it. It is because of this that I went to find something that is not going to make my face rigid for the rest of my life but will help keep my make-up on on a day-to-day basis. I have been recommended that MAC do a good make-up fixative so I really wanted to try it out.

However, I got waylaid at SpaceNK and instead bought Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. The smell of this is a bit striking, I don't mind it but some may. It's made not only to keep your make-up on but also to refresh your face if you give it a little spritz during the day. I really like it and I have to say I really have noticed my make-up staying on more. That's the good thing about wearing a lot of eyeliner, foundation and bronzer (I sound dreadful... I don't trowel it on as much as it sounds) you can tell when it comes off. If you wear flicks on the sides of your eyes (hopefully better done than Ms Winehouses) then these can wear off during the day... but not completely. You get left with little patches. And now my remain firmly in place. There's even less foundation residue on my office phone. It's also great if you have a light base on during the day and want to reapply in the evening - spritz this on and you are ready to add more foundation.

But me being me I don't want to stop there. I now want to purchase more so that I can compare. Next up will be the Mac Fix+ which I was initially recommended. If anyone has heard of any others let me know and I'll get testing.

Thursday 12 March 2009

Face Time

I don't think I've ever had a facial before. I'm trawling the dim reaches of my mind and nope I don't think I ever have. Apparently it is essential for brides-to-be. I was unconvinced but didn't want to be behind the curve and regret it later so I had a look on the internet for what other brides-to-be recommended and had had done. Dermalogica seemed to be highly recommended and I know the Mumma B loves it so I booked myself in at St James' Beauty. Again I found St James' by chance just by looking for Dermalogica facials on the internet and I was won over by what seemed to be the very (comparatively) reasonable £65 price tag.

The experience itself was fantastic. I got chatting with Rosie so it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been. That sounds bad. I was voluntarily chatting and it was very relaxing but it wasn't 'oh I think I just dropped off' relaxing. Which it would have been if I had shut up!! My face was cleaned, scrubbed, masked and moisturised over the course of the next hour and felt great when I left. I bought a sort of Dermalogica starter pack for £20 to continue the good work at home. Which I haven't started yet... I want to use up what I have now so that I can really see the difference with the new Dermalogica stuff but having realised that by that time I'll have been married for months I'm going to start this evening.

The whole experience was fantastic but what was really gratifying was that at least three people told me how great my skin was looking the next day. One girl even went away after chatting and came back to say 'what have you done to your face your skin looks amazing - it's glowing!'. So I'm now a complete convert to the way of the facial. I've got my next one in a month!! xx

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Anatomicals - Fight the Crunch

A whole new range of products is available from Anatomicals and I've been testing out some of them... and loving it I have to say. I've been using them for a couple of weeks now and I'm really impressed especially considering how reasonably priced they are. As we speak I am using the Gorgon (gone gone gone) Zola foot cream which makes your feet minty fresh and soothed. Having just been for a run with Mr J i then hoped in the tub and put this on after soaking my aching muscles. I can actually feel the mint working in my slippers! Its rare to find a foot cream that you can really feel working. It's like Airwaves for feet!

Now there are lots of products to chose but my favourites are, in no particular order...

Stop Cracking Up lip balm. It tastes like strawberries. Nice ones. It is perfect consistency, not too greasy and not too liquid. The only thing is getting used to the applicator, or lack of one, if you are used to something more like Juicy Tubes. I love the bright packaging for this so much that as of yet I have not been able to bring myself to throw the packaging away!! It's a new fixture on my desk and at £3 I suggest it become one on yours.

You Kiss Artist You Kissing Kit would be just a fantastic present for hen do's or girls you don't know very well. It contains Snog Me Senseless Breath Freshener (£2), Snog Me Senseless Minty Tingling Lip Balm (£3) and Snog Me Senseless Mints which are yummy and come in the coolest little tin. I know what the girls will be getting on my hen do!
Not Another Rough Day Please moisturiser really smooths your skin and smells yummy. A big 200ml tube is just £3 - a great purchase for those feeling the pinch at the moment!

I really want to try Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer - a soothing eye bag that will refresh your eyes (after it's been in the fridge for 30 mins) and Snoozers are Losers energy patches. Which you slap on your arm and help keep you going... (these aren't magic they do contain caffiene!!)

Now there is one problem to over come. The website. Turn your sound off. The intro made me want to pull my hair out and whilst reading the philosophy section I had to listen to some guy spouting Greek and there seemed to be no way of stopping this. When you hold you mouse over the icons they make a kind of cool water-lapping-on-shore sound which is fine but I found the other stuff just too unbearable. I've muted my computer. I'm pretty sure though that for the one of me that finds it mind crushingly annoying there will be 5 people who think it's great. Some of the writing has a tendency to make me be a wee bit literal but I can gloss over that. And don't expect to find any info about the company... there's none there. Now enough website critique.

With Anatomicals the products speak for themselves. They are the product fans solution to the recession. Even their cucumber wipes are fantastically priced at £1.20. You'd probably save yourself a lot of money if you did your product shopping on the Anatomicals website and avoided Boots (which I know, is impossible if you really are a products fanatic). I'm off to play some more - tonight I'm going to try No Old Bags Allowed eye gel and The Seven Deadly Skins body scrub. It's a hard life xx

The Meaning of Sunglasses

Stuck for a present for girlfriend? The Meaning of Sunglasses: A Guide to (Almost) All Things Fashionableby Hadley Freeman is now out in paperback and updated for 2009 this is just a fantastic buy for anyone needing in inside scoop on fashion - from high heels to cardigans, fashions in film to Karl Lagerfeld. Funny and insightful this is the ladies handbook for Spring 2009. xx

Monday 2 March 2009

Engagment Party

So having just said that I was going to be blonde for the wedding I then went and found my hair styling soulmate and am now back to dark brown. My natural hair colour. It was just too far gone to be a nice blonde at the moment and I have to say I really love it. And I loved going to a stylist that for once had some input rather than treating me like I'm taking up their time and ruining their day (am I the only one who gets that?) I got it done on Friday and it was just as well I loved it as it was our Engagement Party the next day. Miss M came over in the afternoon to do a trial run of my wedding make-up and to pop our false eyelash cherries. On that front I have to say that I'm a complete convert. They looked fantastic and actually not fake at all! They stayed on all night and I completely forgot I was wearing them!

I had so much fun at the party (still recovering now) and am sure it was down to having fabulous hair and make-up. Now every time I do my make-up without Miss M and without the false eyelashes I feel like the day is wasted! Boots are doing 2 for 1 on falsies at the moment so go and get some xx

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