Friday 16 October 2009

Beauty Sleep with Silksleep

I've always had trouble sleeping and recently it's been pretty bad. Nothing seemed to be working but luckily help was at hand in the form of the Silksleep Eye Mask - made from 100% Mulberry silk with deep silk filled padding that completely blocks out light. I don't usually like sleeping in eye masks but I think that is because most of the time the fabric isn't particularly nice and the strap is too tight. The strap on the Sleepsilk mask is comfortable and just the right tightness - the mask stays on but you can't feel it on the back of your head. I have occasionally woken up to find that I've taken it off in my sleep (oops) but I have been sleeping so it must work.

A good nights sleep has a multitude of health benefits including helping reduce blood pressure and having the prescribed eight hours sleep a night can help to build your immunity and avoid receptiveness to illness and infections. Now not everyone needs eight hours sleep but for however long you do sleep and eye mask helps block out the the distractions - lights, clocks, street lights...

Not only that but silk is beneficial to the complexion. Soft and gentle on your skin and helps the delicate skin around the eyes retain moisture as silk holds the same pH as the skin! This allows the skin to remain supple helping to reduce the effects of wrinkles so you are looking radiant, refreshed and healthy in the morning.

The Silksleep Eye Mask is chemical free and awarded a coveted Oeko-Tex 100 textiles certification and it's only £12.95 (available here) - a small price to pay for a good nights sleep. xx

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