Wednesday 9 September 2009


I've had one of those moments recently - when you haven't heard of something and then all of a sudden it's everywhere and you think maybe you were a bit behind the times to not have heard it before. Well that's been happening to me with Tisserand. I'd vaguely heard of the name when I was asked to try out some of their products and now they seem to be everywhere.

Tisserand is a vegan, aromatherapy company that not only make fantastic products but tell you how to blend oils at home for your own therapies on their website here. There are reasonably priced and smell gorgeous.

For my birthday I was given some Tisserand Lavender Hand Cream which now has pride of place next to my kitchen sink. My first forays into gardening have made my hands age about twenty years and this hand cream is thick, great smelling and really soaks in well. I also got Tisserand Indulgent Bath Soak Essential Oil Rich
which smells gorgeous - not too overpowering as I sometimes find bath soaks can be - and contains organic ylang-ylang, ethically harvested jasmine. It softens your skin and really relaxes you. It makes me want to read in the bath - something I rarely have time to do anymore.

I've also been given some Tisserand Remedy Roller Balls to try one for concentration and one to help sleep. The Tisserand Roll-On Remedy Concentrate Roller Ball sits by my desk and the mix of rosemary, grapefruit and coriander oils usually get applied after a particularly heavy lunch. I don't know if I'm gullible but this definitely perks me up a bit! The Tisserand Roll-On Remedy Goodnight Roller Ball contains lavender, ylang-ylang and bergamot and this really does help sleep - something which I've always had problems with. I'm not saying its fixed my insomnia but it definitely helps me on my way to sleep.

Tisserand products are incredibly well priced and are a fantastic way to indulge yourself, help the planet and save your pocket xx

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