Tuesday 25 August 2009

Birthday Spoils

The thing about this blog is that it means every year on my birthday I get given lots of yummy smelly things which make the post-birthday blues (yes I still get them, no I'm not five) more bearable. I got some gorgeous Floris bath oil and some goodies from Lush. My sister got me some gorgeous E.Coudray moisturiser which is rich and fantastic smelling - ideal for your washbag in case you forget scent or need a little pick-me-up. She also got me some Bend don't Break by Jessica to stop my weakened nails snapping - you can feel the difference the day you apply it which is unusual.

Miss F tracked down a brand I'd never even heard of - Bella Bellissima and got me some Perfect Day Ultimate Bathing Oil and Perfect Night Luxury Dry Body Oil
. Now don't be put off by the words - Miss F and I nearly died with laughter when reading the back. It's nonsense (funny nonsense yes... but nonsense) but the smells are fantastic. A true pampering experience.
The best though was from my lovely husband who managed to track down a vat of Clarins Eau Dynamisante. Which blends 14 'aromatherapeutic' plant extracts and essential oils and to me just reminds me of holidays and happy times. It's energising and yet soothing and I just keep smelling myself all day! I've been dabbing it on my pulse points but you can actually rub it all over for invigorating toning! I'm now desperate to have the deodorant of this as well... to complete my set! xx

Friday 14 August 2009

Dove Spa Whipped Body Cream

I try out a lot of moisturisers and I'm not that fussy. As long as it moisturises I'm happy - I've lived with dry skin for nearly 26 years so I'm used to not feeling as silky smooth as the adverts tell me I will. I love Nivea Soft, it does what it says on the tin but, well, it's not very exciting smell or packaging wise. That sounds a bit mean - it's affordable and I feel like something is missing if I don't have a big pot of this in my bathroom.

However sometimes I want something a little more glam - the same softness as Nivea but maybe a nicer package and a prettier smell. I'm pretty picky when it comes to smells - most things I find just too sweet and I want them to be off me after about five minutes. I have found something though that ticks all boxes. The package is cool but understated it smells fantastic and it doesn't break the bank. And who knew that Dove that well known brand do Dove Spa a professional skincare range!!

Silk Rhapsody Extra Rich Whipped Body Cream is just gorgeous and affordable at just £22 for a big tub. It smells fantastic and the avocado oil and shea butter leaves your skin feeling smooth and pampered. I put this on the tops of my arms twice a day and give myself an all over moisturise before clambering into bed. You'll notice the results and smell good enough to eat. xx

Wednesday 5 August 2009

A Model for Living

We've moved and I'm so relieved - it's finally happened and I can feel like a proper Mrs now. However, I have been encouraged to be more assertive at work (my friends have found this hilarious - am a little too assertive most of the time) so one of my bosses has told me to spend half an hour a day at work reading A Model for Living by Julian Short.

Endorsed by Storm and Premier modelling agencies this is a practical guide to modern life and the problems we face every day. Julian Short has had over 30 years experience as a psychologist and everyone I know who has read this book has not only read it more than once but says it really works. What grabbed me about the book is the 'Cope with Rejection' and 'Improve Self-Esteem' sections which I think will really help me personally. It is easy, to-the-point and relevant and has advice and tips that really help and are easy to introduce into modern life.

I'll let you know how I get up - or you can pick a copy and let me know what you think,
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