Friday 17 November 2023

Jones Road Miracle Balm

 One of the most requested reviews, Jones Road Miracle Balm. I do like it but I'm not sure I love it. Lots of people do but some people have struggled. Could this be the marmite of the beauty world? 


Sunday 12 November 2023

Christmas Gift Ideas

Some ideas for christmas presents, stocking fillers and things you may want to add to your Christmas list

  • Eye Masks - these look lovely and go well in a stocking, tucked into a Christmas card and aren't expensive to post! 
  • Blue Bowl - I love this place to get presents and Florence is doing advent calendars too 
  • Hourglass Palettes - I love Hourglass Palettes and the new ones look absolutely divine. They are worth the money for the amount of use you can get and their longevity but it helps that John Lewis currently have them 20% off

  • Nail Collection - All nail buffers are the same. Not true, for some reason this one is better than others. You could get this kit, split it up and use them in stockings
  • Ian Snow - another nice website to look for unusual presents 
  • Oskia Super C - I'm very dubious about which Vitamin C products actually work but these do and I love them. You'd be surprised at how many messages I get from husbands asking me for skincare recommendations for their wives 'something expensive they'd never get themselves', this is one of those things I'd recommend and it's currently on sale
  • Hydrogel Eyemasks - these are fantastic for all skin types and they come in a pack of five so great to split up if you have multiple stockings to fill 

  • Scalp Massager - using one of these was a complete game changer for my hair. It removes any product build up from the scalp and encourages thicker, healthier hair 
  • Beauty Baubles - choose to suit skin type or goals if in doubt, go hydrate. 


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