Monday 29 June 2009

Revlon Falsies

I hate wearing false nails. I'm quite lucky, my nails do chip and fall off sometimes but I can grow my own talons sometimes so I never use fake nails as I don't want to upset my own too much. I also just have memories of sticking my fingers together and the nails flipping off every ten minutes and having to be glued back on.

Not so the new Revlon false nails. They are easy to apply and even easier to file to suit your nail shape and they are rock solid - these babies are not going anywhere. With new glitter designs such as Minx which I tried these are great for a little boost on the finger front. The only annoying thing was removing them - you are instructed to hold your hands in acetone based nail varnish remover until the nails dissolve and not remove them by taking them off yourself. I found it much easier to soak them for a bit and then pull them off. I think I would have grown old if I'd waited for them to dissolve off. I did it for half an hour and they were only dissolved a little bit. The ones I pulled off came off completely and nearly two weeks later I still have remnants of the ones I let dissolve on my nails!!

This does mean however, that these puppies have staying power and are definitely worth a try if you are a fan of falsies.They don't have the new 'Runway' designs available in the UK yet but fantastic red, natural or french manicured so you still have some variety. I think the red ones look fantastic xx

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