Wednesday 1 April 2015


It's rare that I get sent something to try out that I absolutely love. I know that sounds ungrateful, I don't mean to, I still find it a great privilege to be sent anything at all, even nine years in it's a nice thing to happen, but I don't often get really passionate about something I'm sent. This is an exception.

If you watched my March favourites video you will see me waving my raspberry Balmi around on my house keys. I have been raving about it to anyone who will listen since I've received it about a month ago and I am seeing how to go about becoming it's official biggest fan.

Balmi RaspberryThe packaging is gorgeous and easy to use, the balm itself takes actual seconds to apply thanks to the cool pyramid shape it comes in, the raspberry flavour tastes great and the balm itself is so incredibly moisturising that it actually does make your lips feel better. That sounds weird but how many times have you used a moisturiser only to find that actually once it's worn out your lips feel dryer and more likely to crack? Not this time.

Fantastic for those of you who are always losing your lip balms in the bottom of handbags as you can attach it to your keys or your handbag. Would be a great gift for someone going travelling though I'm not sure how much heat it could withstand though that is the same for all lip balms. I just love, love, love this product.

Two things... 1. I annoyingly forgot to photograph this before I used it, so keen was I to get it on my keys. So this photograph is terrible, taken in the dark when I've used it, a lot. 2. In my keenness to take the terrible photo I sort of broke the turning mechanism on the lid. It still closes and hopefully won't mean that it falls off all the time but means it doesn't sort of click shut like it used to, just turns and turns. I will update this post if that changes...

What You Need to Know - Balmi
  • £4.99 
  • Shea Butter and Vitamin E
  • SPF15
  • Mint, Raspberry, Coconut, Strawberry and Blackcurrant
  • Available in the UK from Boots

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