Wednesday 22 April 2015

Colour Wow Root Cover Up

I was bleached blonde for so long that my hair started to snap off. This will happen no matter how nice you are to your hair - unless you are Gwen Stefani who must have a permanent hair attendant on duty. I am not Gwen Stefani so thought I would bow out of blonde gracefully, get balayage and see what my natural colour was.

It turns out my natural colour is redish brown with big thick spiders legs of gray throughout that seem to multiply rapidly. Great. Fine whatever I'll dye it again I thought. But I've very pregnant and sort of reluctant to get damaging my hair again one year after I vowed to give it a break. But the greys are depressing. Not chic and sophisticated like I assumed they would be. But thick and giving me an air of one who has given up on appearance altogether. I bought root touch-up dye but then surely I should just go to a hairdresser and get something drastic done. I should probably mention that I have a phobia or having boring hair. By boring I mean just all one colour. No, if you have all one colour hair or have never dyed it I don't think you have boring hair. But I think I look boring with nothing done to mine (I have the remnants of blonde at the ends of mine at the moment).

Colour Wow Root Cover up What I think I'll do is, give birth, lie around for a couple of weeks and then heave myself to the hairdressers and get something a bit more exciting, and grey covering done. But what have I been doing since then? Using Colour Wow Root Cover Up and it's been great.

Available in 7 colours this specially formulated powder compound sticks to the hair without being greasy, let it set for a minute and then you are ready to go and it stays there til you wash it out. Now this product is probably best suited to grey hair dyed dark but works very well on my odd bits of grey though it's a bit more time consuming to get on. And works on dark roots for blondes as well though I haven't tried this.

What's so nice about this is that most days when I'm out and about with Ned or hanging round the house working I don't bother using it. Then if I need to go out to dinner or to a wedding I can cancel out the greys in my bathroom in under 10 minutes (I'm slavishly doing individual strands - if you are doing roots it will be really fast). No mess. No panic that I haven't got any dye and no unnecessary dying of non-grey hairs. Just apply, leave to set for a minute (you won't notice the need to set it feels like powder) and then you are ready to go. This won't drip if it rains the only things that can break it down are the cleansers found in shampoos and it doesn't look dull and fake as it's made up of mineral pigments which give a natural looking finish.

For those with allergies to hair dye or who want something to see them through between colour appointments I really recommend giving this a try. It's not cheap but a little goes a long way so this should last you a while.

What You Need to Know - Colour Wow Root Cover Up
  •  £28.50
  • 7 colours - platinum light blonde, blonde, light brown, medium brown, red, dark brown, black
  • Suits all hair types 
  • Available in the UK from Colour Wow, Space NK, Feel Unique,
    Colour Wow in Dark Brown

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