Wednesday 8 April 2015

Phytaoil and Phytalotion

Phytaoil ReviewI find it very difficult to review stretch mark creams even though I am now 7.5 months into my second pregnancy and have used a lot of them in my time. Why? because how do you know that the product you are using is preventing stretchmarks at all, maybe you just aren't going to get them in that area anyway, maybe you're not prone to them at all and if I have got a stretch mark then is it because I wasn't using the cream/oil often enough or was actually nothing going to prevent it from appearing. I've always thought the latter. Keep your skin moisturised and that will help but I'm not sure you can actually prevent stretchmarks if they are going to happen.

When I was 2 months pregnant this time round I was sent samples of Phytaoil and Phytalotion to try out - perfect timing. I couldn't decide which I preferred the look of so thought, in the name of science, I'd baste half the bump in one and half in the other and see if there was any difference. There was but before I go into that I'd like to point out that although one half of my bump now has a few extra stretchmarks and one doesn't this could all be because that side was just more likely to get them...

On my left side I have been using Phytaoil, initially I was less keen on this as I find oils a bit of a faff. Turns out that when you are a crusty old pregnant person your body just absorbs oil as soon as it's put on so the grease-factor isn't really a problem. And actually for an oil in general this is really easily absorbed by the skin and contains no mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or colours so it is great for preggers skin. The oil, and the lotion, is designed to help the appearance of scars, blemishes and reduce the formation of stretch marks when the body changes size and shape.

On my right side I used Phytalotion which is the same formulation as the oil, containing all the same active ingredients, but is literally just for those who prefer a lotion to an oil so to my mind they may not be as concentrated as in the oil and this may be why I have a few tiny stretch marks on my right hand side (and why it is £1 cheaper). But they are very small and I'm hoping that by continuing to use the oil they will reduce in size as I reduce in size.

Phya Lotion
Speaking of size I do wish the Phytaoil was available in a larger size. I've just been using it on one side of my bump and I'm eeking it out. A larger bottle would comfortably do more of you for longer. Of course you could just buy two smaller bottles but packaging wastage etc...  Rosehip oil is a popular skincare choice among celebrities including Kate Middleton (the pregnancy bandwagon jumper as she's known in this house) and David Gandy. So you don't need to be pregnant to use it!

My favourite is the Phytaoil - it's more concentrated and easily absorbed for my dry skin but the lotion is very nice too - it's completely up to personal preference and skin type.

What You Need to Know - Phytaoil
  • £10.99 
  • 60ml
  • Contains Rosehip oil and extract, lavender, lime and geranium oils. Vitamins A and E
  • Use to help sun damage, stretch marks, dry skin, skin damaged from swimming and exposure.
  • Available from Phytacol

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