Monday 30 March 2015

Colour Match - Green Eyes

Something I get asked about a lot and which I always factor into my bridal work is choosing eyeshadows that are going to bring out eye colours. Once you know what's going to really enhance your eyes then you can go straight for those shades and choosing quads and palettes becomes much less time consuming.

I thought I'd start off with green eyes as, well my eyes are green and though I don't colour match them with my eye shadow every day when I do a lot of people suddenly comment on them. Usually they just look kind of sludgey.

You can choose shades to enhance your eyes - these will reflect your own natural eye colour. So, green shadow for green eyes. Alternatively you can choose to intensify you eye colour - to do this, you need to select shades from the opposite side of the colour wheel and the contrast will make your eyes 'pop'. (Agghhhh I hate that expression.) But, you also need to take into account your skin tone. I avoid purples because of my dark circles, for instance, although a thin line of purple liner would do the trick nicely for most green eyes. Personally I love black liner and mascara, and they will bring out the green in your eyes nicely. Brown's are the way to go if you want something a bit more subtle or for the daytime.

So to enhance your eyes choose a similar shade of green. Golds look beautiful too with green eyes. Or to make them really intense go for purples, copper, browns and taupes. A good slightly metallic beige or tan will really bring out the green during the day so if you want to tone it down for the office those are the ones to try. By choosing an eye quad or palette that has a mix of colours in it you are guaranteed to make the most of your green eyes whatever mood you are in or whatever event you are doing your make-up for and some brands are even starting to note which product will work with which eye colour (thanks Charlotte Tilbury!)

Some of my favourite products for green eyes...

green eye no makeup
Green eye with satin taupe makeup Sorry for terrible photo's but thought it would be good to show the difference it can make... on the left is my unmade up eye. Below is with a bit of the Bronzed Garnet from Charlotte Tilbury and Satin Taupe from MAC done very quickly as late for nursery. Standing in the same position light-wise..

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