Wednesday 29 November 2017

Younique Moodstruck Epic Mascara

Younique Moodstruck Epic MascaraOne thing I always want to be on this blog is honest and fair so here's a review I would never have dreamed of writing! I've heard (not great) things about Younique and have been approached by some of their reps but haven't actually looked into or tried any of their products. Then lovely Gina who has followed me on Instagram for a while and who I actually didn't know was a rep said she wanted to send me a mascara to try because she thought I'd love it. I messaged her back and said I really thought I wouldn't and she replied that she'd take that risk and send it anyway.

Now I find with mascara that they are a bit like buses. I'd run out and had gone to get the Maybelline Great Lash Big to test out and the next day was sent the new one from Urban Decay and the Moodstruck Epic from Younique. Three to test drive at once means I got round to this one last but it was actually much more impressive than the one from a more popular brand.

The first thing to strike me about this is that it's actually quite an old school mascara. It doesn't smell great, remember when all mascara's smelt a bit chemically. Well it smells like that. I don't actually mind that, I mean I don't spend all day sniffing my eyelashes but I know it will bother some people. And it has a proper bristle brush (hurrah). But what's most noticeable about this is the ease with which it goes on and makes a noticeable difference. I've sort of got used to spending ten minutes doing my mascara on my fairly crap lashes. I mean if you think my videos are badly edited it's actually just because when I'm done editing out the 9 hours of mascara face I'm basically tired of life.

This goes on very quickly and just the right side of clumpy. It's the only time I've felt I really must take a before and after pic and I'm not happy with it because frankly, it just doesn't do it justice. Adds volume and length and unlike old school mascaras feels soft and lightweight to wear and lasts well.
younique Moodstruck Epic Mascara before and after

Am I going to run out and buy the entire range? No and to my mind £19 is a bit steep for this mascara but this is the second of their products that I've been happily surprised by so I'm not going to be snotty about them in future.

What You Need to Know - Younique Moodstruck Epic Mascara
  • £19
  • 8.9ml
  • Black
  • Opthalmologically tested
  • Available through Gina at Younique who is an absolute love and genuinely one of the nicest people I've met on the Internet

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