Monday 27 November 2017

Christmas gift ideas for Children 0-10

Ned playing with the Kid-o magnatabFor a while it was really hard to find decent, not-too-expensive, gifts and stocking fillers for children but thanks to shops like Flying Tiger this seems to be improving. Some of these presents would work as gifts for other peoples children, stocking fillers or presents for your own squad but rather than dividing into categories I've listed them alphabetically. I will be posting books separately so keep an eye out.

I know that most people say babies don't need stockings but if there are second, third, fourth children then how are you going to explain to the older ones that santa didn't bother with the baby? My tip is to fill the babies stocking with stuff it needs anyway - teethers, vests, Ella's pouches, weaning stuff can all go in.

A quarter of - yes sweets are bad but with Christmas being such a time of consumerism children are often overloaded with presents and actually are just as happy with a box of illicit sweeties. A Quarter Of is the place to go. Not just for kids their bags of friendship rings got me through the last pregnancy.

Animal Antics Ride on Dino - We all know a dinosaur lover and this is perfect for them. It's dressing up but with a little less faff. My nephews would go crazy for this. And they also do unicorns!

Biscuit cutters - I don't know why but I seem to have a bit of an addiction to these. The right cutter brings such simple pleasure and these are a great stocking filler.
The Bright Company - I love getting the boys pyjamas in their stockings and the nicest pair I've ever bought for Ned come from the Bright Company. Super-soft and very cool I got these big and thanks to the cuffs on the trousers the fact that they were huge wasn't a problem. If Jack were allowed any new clothes he'd be getting these.

Hats - a good hat is hard to find. I don't want one that cost loads, not matter how cute because we will no doubt lose it immediately. Love this blue one with it's red bobble.

Jessica Mesquita Illustration
Jessica Mesquita Illustration - Ned and Jim have one of these in their bedrooms - it's so lovely to receive a non-toy present sometimes and these are so personal and colourful. You can get in contact, send some pictures and information about the child and you get the most lovely illustration.

JoJo Maman Bebe - long sleeve tops seem to be the thing we are short on and of the ones we do have it's the JoJo ones that have really stood up well to almost continual washing. I'm a sucker for anything with a fox on so this one would be the one I'd go for but there's something for everyone.

Kid-0 numbers magnatab
Kid O 0-9 Numbers Magnatab - Ned was given this when he was 3 and he loved it and now Jim does. They do a letter version too but this seems to hold their attention for longer. Not only great for learning number but also increasing concentration and tripod grip.

Kids Kitchen Cooking Box Set from Sass and Belle - I love this and it's absolutely fantastic for those who want to have a play kitchen in their house but don't have the room and you can take it with you when you go away. I would definitely have got this instead of our play kitchen if it had been around then!

Le Creuset Junior Apron - we were given this and it's fantastic. It's been washed a lot and still looks good as new and is more comfortable to wear than the oilcloth one we use for painting.

Ned in a Le Creuset Junior ApronLil Cubs Small New Baby Gift Box - I love this small brand, they make absolutely gorgeous baby leggings but my pick is this giftbox which is perfect if you need to buy a present for a new baby this Christmas. You get a large swaddle muslin - my favourites as they are so versatile. I use mine as a cover for my sleepyhead (the sheets are so expensive and these you can just whip off and wash easily) and a breastfeeding cover. Rainbow chevrons is my favourite.

Matchstick Monkey - a great stocking filler if you've got a tiny (Jack's getting one in his) or present for a baby who you think probably has everything. Teethers always get lost.

Mere Soeur - one of my favourite purchases of the year was one of the adult Mere Soeur tshirt and you can get super-cool ones for your littlies too. The Bebe Gang one is my pick!

Mini Magpie Kids - one of my favourite finds this year and a great place to look if you hate buying clothes for your kids on the high street. And it helps that its created by absolutely one of the nicest people. I love this jumper and I wish this came in my size.

Mobiles - a mobile is a great way to add a bit of colour to a childs room and these ones do just that. I love the hot air balloons and the boats. Also great if you need to post a present.

Muslins - I never wanted to spend money on getting muslins and yet they are the most used bit of baby kit and you'd be surprised how cheering one can be on one of those days. If I had my time over I would definitely be getting either these neon ones (blue for me obviously but they do proper pink ones too, not that horrid pink you seem to get for girls). Get large or small I use the large round the top of the sleepy head to protect from any spills or accidents and as a breastfeeding cover when I did that. If you want to be really ahead of the game these animal print ones from Etta Loves are not only super soft and absorbant but they are made to help babies development - black and white is one of the first things babies can focus on! You can also get this large leopard print one which is great for babies vision when they are around 5 months on.

Noah's Ark Floor Puzzle - my 5 year old and 2.5 year old love this. It's the first puzzle that Ned could do by himself and it's big enough that Jim can find the animals and I can help him put them together.

Play Hooray - I love Claire she has amazing ideas she's got us through many a rainy afternoon and long train journeys. We have the journey prompts and play prompts and love them. These would be great stocking fillers or as a present for a child if you have to send it abroad. I'm going to get the first year prompts for Jack and the mini packs are great stocking fillers.  The Play Packs would make a great present for a godchild.

Mama Designs Play Mat
Play Mat - so new that you have to sign up to pre-order these are due in the week of the 11th December and I am desperate to get one for Jack. Such a simple idea but so useful. A designated mat that's just for the kids not one that is possibly a picnic blanket, old rag from the fancy dress or, in our case, pulled from the dogs bed. It comes with it's own bag so it actually has it's own place to live HURRAH. Joe can we get one for Jack please?

Pocket Colouring and Games - another great stocking filer but also a goodie to have in the present drawer should there be a child who's present slips through the net. A must if you are going away for Christmas.

Pom Pom Ponchos - you won't find anything like this on the highstreet and they are perfect too if your child is a coat denier (as my eldest is).

Scooter Hand Cosy - a prime example of where Jojo Maman Bebe really nail it. These are so hard to find and then expensive everywhere else and if your little scooters are glove refuseniks like mine these are a major win.

Play PromptsShoes - Sometimes I think it's just as well I'm a mother of boys as if I had a girl she would definitely own one pair of these cat shoes and these glitter boots.

Shopping List Game - Orchard Games are usually spot on and one of the few brands to cater for the tricky 2 year old age range.

Slippers - mine are always in these moccasins until they grow out of them. They are warm, comfy and don't come off. They usually get a pair in their stocking - Ned used to get foxes, Jim's having T-Rex this year. Jack's getting... hand-me-downs.

Towel - we were sent this towel set when Jack was born and I love it. Towels aren't the sort of thing you splash out on but you use them daily and they are usually in sight. This is big, soft and washes beautifully. A particularly great present for a third baby who is going to be in hand-me-downs forever.

Travel Train Case - this is great if you travel a lot with your child. You can keep all the trains and other toys together and then wherever you are you have a track to go! This doesn't come with any trains.

Wooden Train Set - my boys love theirs and so do all the kids who come round to play (and quite a few of their parents!). This 100 piece set is great on it's own but will also work with other wooden train sets. I've seen a lot of wooden train sets and what sets this one apart is the fact that you get a good amount of track, trains, people, animals and buildings. It's the perfect all-rounder.

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