Monday 20 November 2017

Christmas Gift Bags for Friends

If you have girl friends that you buy Christmas and birthday presents for every year it can be hard to come up with ideas and it can get very expensive. I always love the idea of putting together goodie bags (or hampers) for friends which include lots of lovely little treats and if you are clever you can do lots of friends at once and not break the bank. I've come up with a lovely goodie bag, some ideas of what to go in it and then some budget options to help you out.

Christmas gift bag and contents

Blue Bowl Weed Zip Bag lining
The Bag: I am completely in love with my weed zip bag from Blue Bowl made with vintage fabric and splash proof lining and you can use it for anything from make-up to keys, dummies, all that stuff that lurks at the bottom of your bag. Also available in Dahlia, Geo, Ribbon and my favourite, Poseidon prints, you can now get them personalised for £2 per letter. I thought they would make lovely Christmas gifts either on their own or filled with goodies. These bags are available in small and medium and start at £20. If you want to spend a bit less than Blue Bowl also do great Pyramid Pouches (the silver one is pictured below) which hold loads of stuff and come in 8 colours and are £6.

Here are some ideas for what to put inside:

  • Blusher - blusher is fun and my favourites are the powders from Louise Young (Mae is pictured above) and the Watercolour Blush from Daniel Sandler. Both last forever and cater to all skin tones. Budget: if you are worried about cost or what colour to go for then why not get a sample size of the Watercolour Blush (pictured below). For £2 you get 1ml (which will last at least 5 uses) and comes in a really cut pot so it doesn't feel like a sample size, more like just a teeny cute blusher. Cherub and Icing are pictured but there are so many colours to choose from - Rose Glow are my colours of choice.
  • Face masks - really lovely and pretty much everyone will use a face mask if they are given one. I always opt for hydrating or soothing as they will suit all skin types. I love the Gold Collagen Hydrogel masks you get a pack of 4 for £19.99 so would work if you were doing a couple of bags. Budget: TK Maxx often do Korean brand masks for around £1.99 and Kiko do these really cute masks that are currently on 4 for 3 and are only £3.99 each (pictured above). 
Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush Sample pots
  • Notebooks - I swear by these little A6 ruled notebooks, black with gold chevrons is my favourite but I have one of each dotted about the house with various scribblings about beauty products in them. Budget: Scribbler do some really lovely notebooks in packs of three for about £6.99 so again if you are making up more than one bag that's a great way to split the cost. I would put a link in here but they don't have one because their website is so rubbish. 
  • Face Cloth - this one may seem a bit odd but I swear by the Emma Hardie Dual Action Professional Cleansing Cloths and for £15 you get a box of three but each comes individually wrapped which means its a great addition to a gift bag. Why are they so great? Well the work with any cleanser and they are microfibre on one side and muslin on the other so you can use whichever you prefer or need. The microfibre side is really soft, sort of inbetween a microfibre and a flannel, and for those of us with sensitive skin I actually find most normal flannels to rough on my face. This makes make-up removal one step closer to a spa treatment.
  • Lip balm - for preference I love this Lip Jao which is also available from Blue Bowl. It's hands down the best lip balm I've used, deeply moisturising but doesn't leave your lips looking slick so it works well for men and women. You can read my review of it here
  • Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks (pictured above) - this would be a great one if you have any friends who have small children or have had a bit of a full-on year. Add Pink Himalayan salt to your bath and the minerals not only give you a detox but it's proven to calm and help you sleep. You can get it in granule form from most health food shops for but these ovals from Shop for Spa look more special and come in a pot of two but they are individually wrapped so you can just pop one in each bag. 

Pyramid pouch christmas gift bag

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