Wednesday 11 January 2017

Urban Decay Peversion Mascara

I've been putting off reviewing this because even though I can't find anything specifically I don't like about this mascara it just doesn't wow me. And yet when I think about all the different things I usually judge a mascara on - brush type and size, blackness and consistency of product - this has a lot of great things about it. Maybe it's the name?
Urban Decay mascara

The consistency of this mascara I'd say is about as close to perfect as you can get. It's nicely fluid, not too much, there are no leaks or blobs, but enough that you get a great coating. That being said it takes a few goes to get perfect coverage, but so it is with all mascaras. It is completely non-clumpy, to a noticable extent. Not a clump insight. You will need to give it time to dry and you will need a good remover to get this off - it's not waterproof but it's made to stay on all day. Which it does.

Urban Decay Peversion Mascara BrushThe brush is a typical old school bristle brush, nicely shaped and a nice size - not too big so you can get into the inner corners but big enough to not be fiddley. It's buildable and if you apply it in the morning and want more ooomph in the evening you can put another layer on and it doesn't flake or feel brittle.

It has a lot of good reviews online - it seems to be a product that people re-buy over and over despite the mid-range price tag. And I trust online reviews. The price is not astronomical but for some reason I would rather it was

In fact this would be a great kit mascara - the inner tube is big enough to use disposable wands (this is not the case with some of my other favourites), it gives good coverage (meaning minimal faffing around with someone elses eyes) and no clumping so minimal comb through.

In fact, as you can see, I can't really think of a bad thing to say about this. So what's my problem? It must be the name.

What You Need to Know - Urban Decay Peversion Mascara
  • £17.50 or US$22
  • 12ml
  • Black
  • Urban Decay are technically cruelty free, not tested on animals and they do not sell in China, but they are owned by non-cruelty free L'Oreal
  • Available in the UK from Urban Decay, Feel Unqiue, Debenhams
  • Available outside the UK from Ulta, Urban Decay, Sephora

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