Monday 30 January 2017

2017 Wishlist

Ilia Stick highlighter
For a couple of years I'd start compile a new year list of products I wanted to try that year. I haven't done it for a while but whilst doing a bit of blog planning I started a shopping list of all the products I wanted to try (I buy 90% of the stuff used/reviewed on this site) and thought it may be time to reinstate the list. Most of these products are newish but all are released - it goes without saying I love trying out new products but the majority of these are products that have been around for a bit that I just haven't got my mits on yet.

Once I decided to do this list (it's separate from the massive one I have on my phone should I ever been let loose on a make-up store minus children but with loads of money!) I tried to make it as varied as possible. There are loads of lip colours I'd love to try (MAC's Chateau M for one) but I tried to make myself choose something from each category - lips, base, skincare etc. It would be incredibly easy to just sit on websites and make a never ending list of products I'm desperate to try (I have a spreadsheet..) but there was something quite nice about having to be strict with myself. What do I really want to try? So here's the list...

1. May Lindstrom The Problem Solver or The Blue Cocoon - I can't decide which is better for my sensitive tomato skin. Either way I've only heard great things about May Lindstrom products and really want to try some. Blue Cocoon is prohibitively expensive but if it is a miracle worker then can you put a price on that?

2. Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer - this has been on my to-try list for years and 2017 will be the year. Another product I've heard nothing but good things about and Daniel's products are usually incredible. This maybe the first I try.

3. NARS Pasiphae and Subra eyeshadows - there are lots of products I want to try out from NARS. It's just a brand I've not used that much. Their dual intensity eye shadows look stunning - Pasiphae and Subra my colours of choice, I'm very happy with a pinky taupe most of the time, but for £21 these better be great.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Seductive Beauty - I love the idea of these palettes, though you used to have them more back in the day, and the colours in this are up my street. Not an unreasonable £49.

Origins Sheet Masks5. Caroline Hirons Pixi Double Cleanse - how could you not want to try this? Surely one of the most hyped skincare products ever and another I've only heard good things about. £24 for what is essentially a 2 in 1 from a brand I've never tried anything bad from and skincare Queen.

6. Origins Plantscription Sheet Mask - I love Origins as you may know and I'm all keen to jump on the sheet mask bandwagon so these look a good way to start. £32 for 6 masks.

7. Ilia Cosmic Dancer highlighter - as seen on the beautiful Tahira Herold's Instagram stories. This lady is not only an amazing make-up artist but a huge advocate of green beauty brands, something I'm a bit crap on. I really want to try and get more green beauty brands in my personal and pro kits and Ilia seems a great place to start. Now just to have Tahira's great skin and face...

8. Erborian BB flash balm - Erborian is another brand I want to try more things from and rumour has it this is fab for giving the skin so oomph whether you are using it under foundation or having a day off. My skin has been so terrible during this pregnancy that I quite often like to go without but need something to make my skin look less flat and dull. This could be it.

9. Hourglass Girl Lip Stilo - Hourglass really nailed it with their liquid lipstick so I'm keen to try out their new ones. They look stunning - Explorer, Lover and Peacemaker are top of my list to try. 

10. Kat Von D Lock It Cream Concealer - Kat Von D products are now available in the UK from Debenhams of all places. Lots that I want to try but the quest for the perfect dark circle cover is always on, though I have a feeling this will be a bit heavy.

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