Wednesday 18 January 2017

Louise Young Blushers

Louise Young Cosmetics Powder and Cream blushers How the Louise Young blushers can have been such an integral part of both my pro and personal kits and evaded a proper review I don't know. I think maybe its because I just can't do them justice. They were one of the most popular prizes from my big giveaway last year and, for me a real insight into Louise's fantastic eye for colour.

While I was working for Louise last year I mentioned how much I loved Mae, the brightest pink, it's almost neon, but how I could never wear it. Nonsense, she declared, grabbed a brush and put some on and it's now one of my most used colours. These colours really are universal it just depends on what you want from your blusher. Using them has completely revolutionised the way I use blusher and even think about colours.

All with a matte finish except Room 43 which has a flattering shimmer through it - I often wear this on top of the other blushers to add a bit of highlight. I love Coop and Maudie for a more brown toned blush and Mae for a really pretty pop of pink.
Louise Young Blusher in Mae

When I was planning the giveaway with these blushers last year I asked Louise to give me some details on which colour suited what skin-tone. She replied that every colour would work on everyone and she's completely right. These are blushers to be a bit daring with - go for a colour you wouldn't normally go for, I guarantee it will work.

This versatility makes them great to have in the kit and the lightweight, simple packaging means you can have them all and they don't really add extra weight. If you are not a pro and just want them for yourself they have a fantastic mirror in the lid so a wonderful to have in your bag. Also they are so pigmented that you don't need to use a ton of it every time so they last for ages. You get so much bang for your buck.

The cream blushers are incredibly smooth and pretty. Apply with a brush or your fingers and they give a really natural flush to the cheeks these are great for those who want a really soft natural look.

What You Need to Know - Louise Young Blushers
  • £14 for powder blush and £13 for cream blush
  • 4 cream colour blushers
  • 8 powder blushers
  • Louise Young cosmetics is a cruelty free brand 
  • Available from Louise Young Cosmetics

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