Monday 16 January 2017

Red Lipstick

Wearable red lipstick
Lady Danger, Fire & Ice, Berry, Raven
Red lipstick is such a classic look that most make-up wearers have at least tried it even if they don't already own a few. In fact a lot of people I speak to have tried a red lip and felt that they couldn't pull it off. I can really understand this - a red lip is a bold statement, you need to feel confident to carry it off and even though it's a classic look it can be hard to wear. You need the right red which in this day and age is hard to find just for the sheer amount of choice.

What I personally love about a red lip is when it isn't a statement but just a chic everyday look - Monica in friends often wears a red lip but she's never a character I think of as being particularly make-up based. Get the rest of the make-up understated, team it with the right red and it can look incredible.

What I've done is go through my make-up collection and choose the red lipsticks and liners that I go back to again and again whether wearing it myself or using them on a client. One product which isn't pictured as it's packed away in my kit and I'm not allowed to get at it at the moment is the Allure Lip Trio from Louise Young. You can see my full review of the Lip Trios here and see a picture of Allure - this is ideal for any red lip fan as you can mix yourself the perfect red to match not only your skin tone but your mood and your outfit. Easy to apply and perfect for your handbag I just love, love, love this product.

So I'm going to do lipsticks first then the liners. I have a huge amount of reds all of which I use and love but these are the ones I go back to again and again. I chose one from each of my self-decided categories. Coming up over the next few months I will also do my top nearly-reds - the ones I find pack the same punch but are often more flattering so if you are not a red fan there should be something for you there.

1. Revlon Fire & Ice - Top high-street/affordable brand - This lipstick is pretty iconic for me. No other high street red lipstick comes close. It's a great red, not too blue and not too orange. Wears incredibly well, lasts for ages and when it does wear off it does so evenly. You can get away with wearing this with no liner and it suits most people. A great place to start for anyone wanting to try a red lip. A classic red, with a great finish and only £7.99

2. MAC Lady Danger - Mid-price with a bit more pop - Ruby Woo may be the cult classic MAC red but for me Lady Danger wins every time. A more orange red with a matte finish this is very youthful and fun. A nice warmer colour for those who don't suit a more blue red which can be a bit hard. Ruby Woo is fantastic if you are a committed red lipstick wearer but a lot of my clients have found it hard to pull off. £15.50 (mine looks stubby in the picture as I chopped the top off to put it in a palette). Dangerous Retro Matte is another fabulous tomato orange/red if that's more your thing (see below)

Lipstick swatch
Fire & Ice, Lady Danger, Berry and Raven
3. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven - Best for longevity - this is for those who are more confident as it is incredibly long lasting and as it's a liquid lipstick you get quite a defined finish. Some people have found it to be drying. I find that as long as I put on a good lip balm afterwards its fine (also see the Elizabeth Arden lip balm below... that helps). Apply it, leave it to dry and then don't think about it again. I have found that this stays on through eating and drinking. £25

4. Elizabeth Arden Lip Tint in Berry - Best Red Balm - I love this colour. You can build it up to be quite red but it's incredibly moisturising and can be just a sheer hint of colour if you want it to be. I may be a make-up artist but I can rarely be bothered to spend time touching up my make-up and reapplying lipstick when I'm out. I love to have this in my pocket when I'm wearing a red lip. If I'm worried its wearing off or I feel my lips getting dry then a quick swipe of this and it will either pull the lip back together or just reinvigorate it. Also great for those who lack the confidence to go the whole hog with a more full-on red. £20

Something that can make a big difference to how your lipstick looks is a lip liner even if it's a slightly different shade to what you are using it can really make it work. If you have a red lipstick that you are just not getting on with maybe try adding a liner for depth.
I use the same four over and over so here they are

1. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Crazy in Love - flattering and easy to use - this is such a lovely soft pencil it can be blended to suit any red lipstick and will do as the name says and help you cheat a more defined look. Not unreasonably priced either for such a great product. £16

classic red lip liners
Rimmel, Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay and MyFace
2. Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay Lip Liner in 714 - best for longevity - I have been known to wear this or Rock Steady on it's own. Though this has it's own corresponding lipstick this works with a lot of other classic red lipsticks. I'm always so impressed at how long this lasts. One to try if you find your lipstick bleeds or you chew it off. Love the packaging too. £14

3. MyFace Cosmetics Brick Lip Liner - best high street discontinued - This is a sad cheat as you can't get this anymore. Why oh why can't they bring MyFace back with a different name - a genuinely fantastic high street brand but badly marketed. A very nice mix of not too soft and not too hard. Easy to use and suits most red lipsticks you blend it with. About £10

4. Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Passionate or Red - best high street - Passionate is also sadly discontinued though you may still be able to get your hands on it. Red is the next best thing and both are great bright reds when you want to keep your lipstick lighter at the edges. £3.99

Some lipsticks won't need a liner or a brush. If you are using a lip-liner though it's important to use a brush to blend the liner and lipstick - it's not cool to look like Pammy in the '90s. My favourite lip brushes are the Louise Young LY27, the standard Boots Lip Brush, or the Real Techniques Accent Brush from the Starter Set.

As always most of these you should be able to try at the counter before you buy. There are a ton of reds that I do like and love but just don't return to again and again the way I do these. What are your favourite reds? Are you going to try any of these? If so please let me know how you get on.

MAC Dangerous Retro Matte Lipstick
Me in MAC Dangerous Retro Matte


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