Wednesday 4 March 2015

Nip + Fab Detox Blend Bath Soak and Body Scrub

Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body ScrubFinding a body scrub that effectively exfoliates dry skin without leaving it angry and red is quite difficult so I was really impressed with Nip + Fab's Detox Blend Body Scrub. It exfoliates but gently so was perfectly suited to my dry, sensitive skin. I've been trying it out for a month, using it once or twice a week on the tops of my arms and they are smoother and softer. If you want something really hardcore (I don't know why you would) then this isn't it. The exfoliating ingredient is very fine pieces of walnut shell - your bath won't be gritty after using it - which is hard enough to be an effective exfoliator but won't break up and become harsh on the skin.Great for getting the tops of your arms ready for spring and at £9.99 for 200ml so should last you a while if you use it once or twice a week. I wouldn't recommend using this on your face.
Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Bath Soak
The Nip + Fab Detox Blend Bath Soak I wasn't sure of at first as it's quite an unusual smell (if you know what Tea Tree smells like then you'll know what I mean) but I genuinely believe it has been relaxing me when I've used it and now I deliberately soak in it after a stressful day. Tea Tree, Green tea and jasmine work together to rejuvenate and detox the body and mind though I can't vouch for it actually detoxing the body tea tree has long been used on the skin for skin allergies and as an antiseptic. Frankincense oil is believed to be comforting and stress busting and this bath soak makes a great change from my usual nice-smell-but-nothing-else bath choices. For 217ml I think this is very reasonably priced at £8.99.


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