Monday 11 June 2012

Veet Sensitive Skin Wax Strips

I try not to post anything negative on here so I'd like to start by saying these did remove hair... they did, however, remove slightly more skin than hair which I'm afraid forced my hand into writing a bad review.

I've had these at home wax strips lying around for a while waiting to be used but as I go to my trusty waxer every month I've never really needed to use them. However, since being pregnant getting my bikini line waxed is like a form of extreme torture and paying £25 for the privileged and having to trek all the way over there seemed just a step too far so I thought I'd finally try the Veet strips in the comfort of my own bathroom.

I know that being pregnant makes your skin more sensitive and likely to bruise but I was happy for that if it meant I could be hair-free in my own home. I also thought that as these strips were for sensitive skin they would probably be OK... I've been waxing for years and never had any problems. The strips were apparently fine to use when pregnant and fine to use on the bikini line... I did check.

The strips themselves are very easy to use. You rub them in between your hands to warm the wax up and then apply them to wherever it is you want to use them. I was doing my bikini line. Rub the strip repeatedly in the direction your hair is growing and then pull the strip back on itself fast and holding the skin taught to avoid discomfort.

I did all of this and it hurt a bit, as you would expect, but no more than getting waxed in the salon. Except it hurt for a long time afterwards. Then it started to bleed. I didn't do anymore. The next day the patch was bright red, green and blue. Three days later all the skin was coming off. Now I was prepared for pain, I was prepared for slight bruising but I was not prepared for blood and the skin falling off. Nearly a week later and it's still peely.

I would think these are probably OK to use on your legs. Probably. But I would do a test strip and see if your skin is still there three days later.

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  1. Ouch mama! Sounds a bit too torturous for anyone's liking! Hope you're healing up ok :O)


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