Wednesday 13 June 2012

Embryolisse Baume Riche

I love Embryolisse. Their Lait Creme Concentrate, Hydra-Mat Emulsion and Lotion Micellaire are constants in my professional kit and now I've been trying out their new Baume Riche a rich cold cream that acts like a balm for very dry, sensitive skin.

Embryolisse Baume RicheThe first thing you notice (apart from the lovely packaging) is the amazing smell - always a bonus with any product. You really don't need to use very much of this - a little goes a long way and you don't want to waste any of this as it's not cheap. Baume Riche is incredibly hydrating and sits on the skin for a while so I like to use it at night almost as a mask - I can still feel it on my skin in the morning. Having used it for a week my terrible skin has cleared up a lot; the redness has nearly gone and the spots are much less present.

I'm not saying this is a miracle spot-removing cream but I'm pretty sure that along with hormones, my bad skin has been caused by incredible dryness and this seems to be really helping. The dry, flaky skin on my chin which has been present since about week 6 of my pregnancy is gone and only a bit of easily-coverable redness remains. I will update this review if any of that changes over time when I'm using, or not using this product, it's hard to tell whether it's this or just bodily changes but I'm pretty confident that the incredible turn-around in my skin in the last week that I've started using Baume Riche is no coincidence.

I really recommend splashing the cash (£21.95 for 40ml is quite steep) and trying this out if you have dry skin - this could really turn it around. It also makes a lovely present for a girlfriend.

What You Need to Know - Embryolisse Rich Balm

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