Thursday 31 May 2012

Contour Brushes

A good contour brush is hard to find. I have two particular favourites and now that I use them I think I'd be hard pressed to find others that I like half as much.

MAC 168
MAC's 168 is a soft, angled brush that I'd always avoided buying online in brush binges due to it's description as large - it's actually the perfect size for contouring so I needn't have worried. It is hand-sculpted and the hairs are firmly bundled so you get really good easy application of contour and blending at the same time. This brush will stain a bit though which is worth noting if you like your brushes to look pristine all the time. It's also £26 which is a lot of money to spend on one thing. I love to use this with Chanel's Soleil Tan de Chanel. If you have a larger face this is the one to go for.

Real Techniques Contour
Real Techniques do a contour brush as part of their Core Collection which may seem annoying if you actually just want the contour brush (although the other brushes in this collection are fantastic too - the buffing brush is amazing) but the whole collection is £20.99 so it's actually cheaper than the MAC 168 and you get four brushes! Again this brush is the perfect size for contouring but rather than being angled like the 168 this is pointed so it is incredibly versatile. If you only contour occasionally this brush can also be used for blusher, specific powder use (i.e. under the eyes, around the nose) and highlighting. It's synthetic fibres make this good to use with creams or powders and really easy to clean so those of you who like your brushes to look like new this is good choice.

I have both these brushes but if I had to choose one I think it would have to be the Real Techniques. The price, versatility and ease of use and cleaning make this an incredible addition to your brush collection xx

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