Tuesday 26 June 2012

Front Cover Micro Rainbow Eyes

I have to confess that every time I look at this in its box I feel incredibly guilty. Almost a year ago I went to a lovely launch for the new look of Front Cover and tried out lots of things and took away Micro Rainbow Eyes to try and then... well I never tried it. I was always too busy or trying something else and then it got to being so far from the launch that I felt bad just even looking at them so they've been hidden away in my box of things to try.

But today I was bored and wanted to try something new so I finally got a grip and tried them out and I really wish I had done it sooner. I've done a bright blue flick ontop of my usual black one and it was pretty easy to do if a little time consuming.

I've always been slightly put off by the Front Cover plasticy packaging which makes it look a bit... well teenage I think but I really love the ideal of affordable makeup that follows trends and is easy to carry and store and the idea that you should be able to get professional looking results with a minimum of stress. They have advice from makeup artists on the ipackaging and show you exactly how to use each product with pictures which is a big help for those who may be a bt anxious to try out something new. They also do collections - whole boxes with everything for eyes, lips and cheeks so all the colours work together and you have everything you need in one place.

I haven't tried all of these but I have tried their Micro Rainbow Eyes kit which now seems to have been replaced by a larger Rainbow Eyes kit. The really unique thing about this kit is Shadowline - a clear liquid liner that you can use with any eyeshadow to make a precision liquid liner of that colour. As you can see from the pictures my micro kit came with 9 colours and was handbag size which is convenient but probably unnecessary as it should stay on all day. But I do love the variety and the clear liner is a fantastic idea. You can buy it on it's own from Boots for £8 and, as far as I know, it works with every powder shadow you could have. I also like the little gold pouch which makes this a lovely little present for a girlfriend... or it would if they still did it.

The new bigger kit features 20 colours (including a few matte) as well as the Shadowline and other applicators. It's not that affordable though at £31.50 I slightly wonder why, if it's so useable with all powder shadows, would you spend this much on these specific ones. Will it seal off the shadows making them hard to use? Of course the variety of colour is always nice to have in a palette and I haven't tried the powders so I'm not sure what the pigment payoff is like but it does seem a shame they are not doing the smaller palette option anymore. However, it has 19, mostly five star reviews on the boots website and is currently out of stock so there are obviously a lot of fans out there. I'm definitely going to try the Shadowline out with my other powder shadows to see if it works, and if it seals them. Have you tried it? Let me know...

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