Monday 21 May 2012

Soleil Tan de Chanel

I was recently in Norwich for a week doing the wonderful Pixiwoo course and, as you know, money spent on holiday isn't real money so I may have gone a little crazy with the makeup buying. One of my favourite purchases, and one of the most expensive, was Soleil Tan de Chanel. A gorgeous light, cream-gel bronzer that I have been wanting in my kit for years but have always rather baulked at the £29 price tag. Having said that it's definitely worth it, the pot is huge and you really don't need a lot of product for a great bronzed or sculpted look.

Finding a bronzer that will suit everyone is pretty tricky and this isn't the exception. If you are really pale this can just make your face look dirty so do go to a Chanel counter and try it out before you buy it. If it does suit you this is great for doing contouring over, and under, your foundation, adding a sun-kissed look or even on it's own if you are lucky enough not to need a base. I really love this and think it's worth every penny. It also smells really good - which helps.

What You Need to Know - Soleil Tan de Chanel

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