Monday 14 May 2012

Guest Post - Buying Cosmetics Online

I buy a lot of my cosmetics and tools online so I was really pleased to receive this guest post from someone who really knows what they are talking about...

Buying cosmetics online can be a nerve-wracking business.  Online reviews can be confusing, waiting times can seen endless and when it’s delivered what happens if it’s the wrong shade? What if you've spent all that money and the order doesn't turn up at all and you can't contact anyone online?

Julie Burford, the managing director of online cosmetics company Cocktail Cosmetics (, gives this advice to the online cosmetics shopper. 

  • Look for sites that offer a ‘no quibble return’ policy.   That means that if you don’t like what you’ve bought, or even if you’ve changed your mind in the meantime, you can send it straight back for an exchange or refund…although obviously the product has to be unused or untested. 
  • Check that the site you are buying from is accredited by an internet quality mark, like ISIS or Safe Practice. 
  • Read up online about the customer service of the site, as that gives you reassurance before you hand over your money that any concerns will be addressed promptly.  Cocktail Customers answers emails within 24 hours. 
  • Some sites are very careful not to mention shipping times, as they bulk deliver, so your product may be kept waiting for weeks until other orders from your area have arrived.  Look for a delivery commitment – Cocktail Cosmetics’ is 24 hours.

In summary, buying online is an excellent way to buy your cosmetics – you can browse without feeling pressured, and compare prices immediately.  But keep your wits about you just as much you would in a High Street shop.  You wouldn’t go to a cosmetics counter that took your money but couldn’t promise you when they’d hand over your lipstick, so safeguard your interests online and you’ll get all the benefits and none of the stress.


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