Thursday 12 February 2009

Wedding Hair

So I'm going to be blond again for the wedding and have therefore not being dying my hair (which means its currently a greeny ginger colour for washed out hair dye) and growing it whilst trying to keep split ends down to a minimum. This means I have been trying so many different hair products in an attempt to achieve hair happiness.

At the moment I'm trying L'Oreal's Elvive and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised! I'm using the Elvive Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner and the Damage Care Serum. My hair does feel noticeably softer (I've used the conditioner with other shampoo's before and it feels fantastic then too) and I really think it looks healthier. The serum is to help repair and smooth split ends using ceremide. Although I was a little dubious as to how split ends could be repaired (I still don't think they can) I do think that it is possible to help prevent them getting worse and maybe starting so badly in the first place. I would really like to try Leave-in Concentrate which I think is like an intense version of the serum. I would say that the conditioner at least is more effective than the more expensive brands such as the L'Oreal Expert range (although I love their shampoo for white blond hair) and Kerastase (although again I really love Aqua-Oleum - an at-home treatment which you do over the period of weeks and which has a noticeable effect). God I'm sounding like a L'Oreal rep.

I've also taken a rather major step and made an appointment with a new hairdresser. Ok it's only for a consultation but it's something at least. The last time I left a hair salon happy was five years ago... I think I can even pin it to the month of June! Ever since I have had bad cuts, bad colours and my hair blow-dryed to my scalp having said repeatedly 'please give it volume please give it volume'. So having read the reviews on the Internet I'm giving Unruly a go with the precious locks. Fingers crossed xx

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