Friday 6 February 2009

SAD lighting

So my new jeans are fine now that they've been taken up by Miss M although I had forgotten just how stretchy Topshop jeans are which means you do need to wash them quite often to put them back into shape. Still hopefully this will mean my thighs are less likely to burst from the seams. Whilst buying cheaper jeans meant convincing myself that I was saving money, I did splash out of a pair of Spanish Riding Boots. Well, they are flat, waterproof and comfortable and actually look great with skirts and true to my old lady style, my bunion has been hurting in this cold weather (I'm wearing Ugg boots at work as we speak how depressing is that... they're not even real ones. They're from Clare's Accessories!). They haven't arrived yet so keep your fingers crossed that they a) fit and b) are as stylish as I imagine them to be!

We've had a couple of things going on on the home front which have been frustrating me because I am not allowed to blog about them which in turn makes me feel like I'm failing in some way. Some are too private for other people (I obviously have control over my own privacy settings) and some are wedding related and although I'm pretty sure no one involved reads this I also don't want to run the risk of them finding anything out. All I can say is that because I feel guilty at the organisation going in to my hen do I've made up some surprises of my own. Hope it goes down well!

So onto things I am allowed to discuss. Has anyone tried a SAD light? I really want to get one as I've just been feeling pretty exhausted and miserable at the moment. Am prone to depression so have been assuming that it is just that rearing its ugly head again but someone at work has one and said it makes the world of difference. Any ideas or recommendations would be hugely appreciated. xx

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